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Any Own The Yaesu Vx-7r Handheld?

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My wife and I each have one of those HT's and they have been absolutely great; she got hers first to replace an ICOM HT, and mine replaced a VX-5R (which replaced a VX-1R).


The '7R has a lot of features and they are easy to use as well.


If you get one, get a programming cable and software to go with it. I programmed one by hand, and it took a long time. With the software and cable, the same task takes much less time, and makes it easy to edit and change settings and memories. The VX-7 Commander software is more versatile than the ADMS from Yaesu, although both work well. :rolleyes:

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I don't have one (although I want one!). The people I know seem to like it. I can't imagine learning and having need for all of its features though. If I were getting a new HT I'd probably get a VX-5R instead. The waterproofness was mentioned earlier. Apparently that means it needs a special (and I'd assume more expensive) speaker-mic. A speaker mic could be handy for geocaching, but then again, so could waterproofness.



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I have a few friends that have one. they love it. One problem though is that for the waterproofness, you have to talk louder in the mike and the buttons are a littleharder to push....

By the way Vertex E. (Yaesu) first denied of this problem then they admitted (about two months ago) to the problem in the radio and now they are accepting send ins. So if you’re fed up with the audio problem send it in.

If you can’t send it in (e.g. you modified the radio) this will help, try bringing the radio closer to your mouth. This helps a lot.

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