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A Travel Bug Success Story

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Little Bad Blue Hat Duck has had quite the adventure.


I dropped him off in Puyallup in September 2002, with the goal to make it to a specific street outside of Orlando. After a trip to Bremerton and Riverside, California, he made his first goal on April Fools Day, 2003.


His next goal (made up on the fly, since I'd never actually had a bug make its goal before) was to go to a specific street in New Orleans. A trip to San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Pensacola, and it made it to its second goal in May 2004.


As incredibly successful as it was, I figured it was time for him to come home and retire, so his final goal was to make it back to my Silly Old Bear cache in Lakewood. Three hops later (one in Vegas; two in Kalamazoo, Michigan) he made it to Portland in six weeks (June 24).


Yesterday, he got dropped in Silly Old Bear.


Wow. 10,782 miles, 26 caches, exactly 23 months. He's gonna have a nice spot on my shelf next to my catsup bottle collection <_<

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Very neat, TravisL. When a travel bug GOALS, it's a great feeling. I have had many one-way goal bugs make GOAL - but my favorite GOALED TB is: Bluebirds Fly. One that got lost in packing, Message In A Bottle, while a California cacher relocated is finally back on the map. And then there are the little Alien buggers that just keep moving along (this one finally has a goal ... but went without one until just last week when I noticed his miles were gaining and little Calien Ripken could use a goal to my favorite (and #100) cache find, Jaekel Cache by Zemi.


Happy <_< Goaling to your TB -

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