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Downloading Waypoints

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I'm brand new to geocaching and am trying to find a software program that will work with my Garmin GPSMAP 76CS to download waypoints. I tried using EasyGPS but can't figure out how to configure it to work with the USB port (the only option it gives is the serial port. Am I doing something wrong, or do I ineed to try another software package?


Thanks... TheRevelator :blink:

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Yes, I found the latest version and it does allow USB connection. Now My problem is that when I download waypoint files from geocaching.com they arrive on my computer with an .aspx file extension. I think they should arrive with a .gpx or .loc extension ? EasyGPS will not open the files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <_<

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How are you "downloading" the waypoints? An aspx file extension is related to a web database application - definitely not what you want (but it may be what you'll get if you're saving search results, as opposed to downloading them).


There are three ways to download waypoints:


1) Download a single waypoint from a cache page by clicking on "Click Icon to Download" just below the cache coordinates. You have a choice of .loc or .gpx files (gpx files contain more information), depending on which icon you click.


2) Go to "Hide and Seek a Cache" and run a search (e.g. by zip code). Click on the checkboxes next to caches you want, or click "Check All" at the bottom right of the search results page. Then click the "download waypoints" button at the bottom right of the search results page (the button just below "Check All"). This produces a loc file.


Using either of these approaches, you'll get a dialog box that will ask you what to do with the file - click on "save" and then save it to a location on your computer where you can find it later (I recommend a geocaching folder under "My Documents"). You can then open this saved file with EasyGPS.


3) If you're a premium member of geocaching.com, you can generate a "pocket query" by going to "My cache page" and clicking on "Run Pocket Queries". Pocket queries are emailed to you, rather than downloaded directly. Pocket queries generate gpx files (they may be "zipped" when sent to you if you request that option - you can download a program like WinZip to unzip them after you receive them). Running a pocket query allows you to set many characteristics of the search, and provides for automatic updating/regeneration on specified days - it's worth becoming a premium member if you plan to do much geocaching!


Hope this helps! <_<


PS - If you do get addicted to geocaching, as many of us have, you might want to try something more sophisticated than EasyGPS, like Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK). It' free to try for 30 days, $15 to buy. Although it's more complicated to learn, it offers an array of sophisticated features that will make geocaching much easier over the long run (and it's easy to learn if all you want to do are the things EasyGPS does, like downloading waypoints to your GPS)!

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I am new to this also and have encountered the same problem with downloading. I use MSN and would always get the .aspx extension when I tried to download waypoints. I found that if you opened the internet using Internet Explorer it would let me download the files with the .loc extension. Hope it works for you.

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