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Cccg Central Coast Cachers Group

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Tonight a good sized group attended the Let's Meet Again!by The WilderNESSes and Snow White & the Sleepy Dwarf geocahing event at Klondike Pizza in Arroyo Grande. While eating some excellent food and drink we decided on starting a local group named CCCG Central Coast Cachers Group. There were many fun discussions on favorite caches, great hikes and just getting to know each other. :blink:


Alan & Rikki asked about a good location for a TB Hotel that has easy access and is large enough to hold a few TBs. I think it was Jay that suggested one on Highway 1 near the shooting range. Which cache is that? I couldn't identify it on-line.


A list was started circulating to see if anyone wanted to go in on buying some of the California Geocoins. We only wanted to get a couple and if others wanted to get some we could place a larger order so to get the cost of coins + shipping down to about $2.50 each. If interested send me an email right away. The deadline is Wednesday this week.


We might want to put together another Meet & Greet picnic later this fall in the North county. Anyone want to help Geo_cats put this together? :huh:


A logo needs to be designed and agreed on. Anyone want to input their ideas?


Adam mentioned that he had sources for a group/club coin once a logo is created.


So far that is all the things I can think of for discussion. Feel free to make comments, add more discussion topics. :blink:


Thanks to the WilderNESSes and Snow White & the Sleepy Dwarf for all their efforts to make tonights event a fun one.

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Hey Geo_cats,

Just so you know, there's already a CCGC (Central Coast Geocachers of California). We've been around for about 2 years. But most of our members are in the Monterey Bay (from Carmel to Santa Cruz)as opposed to SLO-town. As far as I'm concerned we're not looking to be rivals or anything :huh: But I thought this might affect your decision of calling yourselves CCCG. :blink:




CCGC for life baby! :blink:


Biggeek Ben

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Isn't there an obvious difference between CCCG (Central Coast Cachers Group) and CCGC (Central Coast Geocachers of California) <_< Clearly there is a difference; there CAN be more than one organization on the Central Coast for geocaching and someday there most suredly will be more than one. Isn't there more than one place that sells taco on the Cental Coast?

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According to one site, http://www.centralcoasttourist.com/, the Central Coast stratches from Ventura to Santa Cruz. I don't feel the name is as much of a terriotorial issue as it is one of confusion. Yes, there can be more than one taco shop on the Central Coast, and I know of a few actually :unsure:, but I don't look for them online. I would hate to see someone walk away from joining because they confused one name for the other and falsely assumed our group was up north <_< .

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I think the two names so close in meaning would be confusing.

I would suggest that we put all the names back in the circle and a few others and kick this around abit.

S.L.O.G.O.- San Luis Obispo Geocachers Organization

G.O.S.L.O.- Geocachers Organization of San Luis Obispo

S.L.U.G.O. – San Luis United Geocaching Organization

C.C.C.C. – Central Coast Cachers’ Club

C.C.C.C.C. – California Central Coast Cachers’ Club

C.C.C.C.C.C. – Consolidated California Central Coast Cachers’ Club <_<

CC - Coastal Cacher's


I don't think using SLO would be too limiting as anyone much north of SLO county would likely join the CCGC group and the only big area to draw more cachers from that is not in SLO county is Santa Maria. They could either live with the SLO designation or create their own group.

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I don't feel the name is as much of a territorial issue as it is one of confusion.

I agree with Adam. The confusion factor would be a big part of why I would not like to go with the CCCG title.

I think we need to throw out a few more suggestions.

101GC - Highway 101 Geocachers

1GC - Highway 1 Geocachers

The 9 Sisters

The 9 Morros


Any other suggestions?

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When we do decide about the name for our "geocaching group," which I thought we already did, my brother is a Stanford Grad in Graphic Art Design and if I twist his arm, I am sure he would be more than happy to come up with a logo for us. We can present all the designs we have and decide from there, well hopefully :~).

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I was just kidding about the Monterey Bay name. But perhaps if we grabbed it, we could hold it for ransom and trade (still kidding).


Anyway, I was racking my brains trying to figure out a new name - trying to think of something that might be appropriate for our area. The geographic type names seem hard to come up with but here are a few more...


Cachers without a Name (since ours was taken)


The Real Central Coast Geocachers of California :o:lol::(

or, my personal favorite...

Friendly Coastal Cachers (seemed appropriate given the people I've met)


if we added the name California to the end we could even be F3C

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"the only big area to draw more cachers from that is not in SLO county is Santa Maria. They could either live with the SLO designation or create their own group."

That's a surefire way to alienate future members. Let's try to be a little more flexible here. :lol:


While I'm QUITE proud to be a true SLO native, I also understand that naming a regional group after an individual city can deter some from joining. Take the T.O.O.S.L.O. group (Tortoise Owners Of San Luis Obispo). I've talked to their members in past years and they've told me there's PLENTY of question from prospective members as to whether or not they're welcome to join if they live out of town. The SLO County 4 Wheelers have had similar experiences. While both organizations are meant to include residents of the greater region (we all call it the Central Coast...but then, we weren't thinking Monterey County, either) , their use of very specific geographic locations in their names also sends a message that this group is exclusive. I'm sure we could find countless other examples...


I HAVE heard Santa Cruz/Monterey Peninsula residents refer to themselves as The Central Coast, but completely forgot about that. (Once they told me I actually lived in Southern California I completely blocked them...can't imagine being grouped with L.A.)


If we use a number in the name (C3G or some variation) I don't think it would be nearly as confusing as trying to differentiate between the existing CCGC and our proposed CCCG (in that format, I'm even confused as I type it!).


Then again...another name entirely might be appropriate...what about:

Gold Coast Geocachers

Gold Coast Cachers Group

Geocachers 101 (Mr. Bee's gettin' into it now)

Live Oak Cachers

...Poison Oak Cachers...nah...though true, hardly enticing.

Coastal Corridor Cachers Group (But that gets us back to three Cs and a G)

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Well I learn something new every day through geocaching, Monterey in within the Central Coast perimeter! So I'm with the Geocats to rename ourselves, anything with SLO in it doesn't offend me, SLOGO or GOSLO or C3G is fine. Poison Oak Cachers hits it on the head but not inviting. Do we need another meeting to pick a name or can we do an online vote? We could all put in our 2 cents worth on names and vote?

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Is Pacific Coast Cachers taken?

I googled both 'Pacific Coast Cachers' and 'Pacific Coast Geocachers' and got no hits. Either these would be good and non-exclusive.

I like them both.


Of course we're going to be accused of hogging the entire coast but what the heck, we grabbed the name first.


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appears to be a poll funciton in this forum Possibly the owner of this thread can create a quick poll to tally votes real quick if folks like some of the other suggestions.

Looks like the poll function is a feature that is not available yet.


Rikki & I both think that is a good one also.


Pacific Coast Cachers has a nice feel to it and definitely allows us room to grow.


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Oh my, no shortage of inspiration lately! I have just been reading all the posts, thought I might add a few comments. I like the name Pacific Coast Cachers and would be proud to be member a group with a name like that. My reservation is that the Pacific Coast is rather long...from Alaska down to Mexico, on to Chile...which I fine because I bet there are caches, good caches in all those places. However if we are forming a local organisation perhaps the name should reflect that...I'm partial to the CCCCC California Central Coast Cachers Club....a name with all "C"'s keeps it simple, the logo guy would love it and I could remember it. Sorry to put a pin in the balloon this but that's my read on this. Having said all this, if Pacific Coast Cachers is chosen, count me in!

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On the other hand...after further head scratching, we still have those good folks up in Monterey calling themselves CCGC. Since "Central Coast" is essentially "already being used" I think it's fair to say it's off the table as an option. PCC is looking better...

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Gee guys, I kind of side with the idea that Pacific Coast is too general. BTW southern Cal is south of Point Conception and while the Ventura folks have considered themselves the central coast at times, it's not really geographically correct. I've heard it called "Gold Coast" on occasion.


Sometime our region in general has been called "The Central Kingdom." The first time I saw it was in an article in National Geographic. We also are in the Tri-Counties, but that's pretty vague for a network of word wide organizations.


Are we thinking too hard? Jay

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:o Uh oh....I thought the Pacific Coast Cachers was good, although perhaps too general. Now that I have heard about this region being referred to as "The Central Kingdom," I must say..."Central Kingdom Cachers" sounds quite cool. :P Sorry to muddy the water, but I vote for "Central Kingdom Cachers." ;) Edited by The WilderNESSes
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:o This thing is becoming bigger than we expected, picking the name I mean. Snow White and Trekkie refer to our Central Coast as the "Middle Kingdom." Middle Kingdom Kachers, Middle Kingdom Cachers, Central Kingdom Cachers, Pacific Coast Cachers, makes no difference to me... Perhaps another get together... Not a bad excuse to toss around more names, socialize, and trade geocaching stories... Off to Mammoth Lakes this Labor Day Weekend with Snow (Pure as the driven ya know) to geocache. Got my first travel bug for my birthday and plan on dropping him for the start of his adventures. Hopefully he will make it to the Central Coast, whoops, Middle Kingdom, Central Kingdom, Pacific Coast, well whatever, someday. His name is ~Monkey See... Monkey Do~ I hope we make some progress with this name thing soon. Maasmen, any suggestions ;)
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Checked in on this list and figured I'd throw in my two cents in again. I don't think the naming thing is all that big a deal. :rolleyes: If we pick a name and then decide we want a different name later, can we change it or are we stuck with it forever? :o


Naturally Central Coast makes sense for our area. Why? We live on the Central Coast. This whole thing got me curious and I decided to do some quick internet research. I searched the Monterey area phone books for businesses that used Central Coast in their name - result: 30 businesses and in the Santa Cruz area: 20. Then I searched the San Luis Obispo area yellow pages - result: 172 and Santa Maria: 111. Clearly people in this area believe we're the Central Coast more so than people in Monterey Bay. I even called a buddy of mine that lives in Monterey and asked him, "Hey Teak, do you live on the Central Coast?" His answer (while laughing), "No dude, YOU live on the Central Coast. Why?"


To show how mixed up it is, I remember when I first started geocaching, I saw the logo for the Central Coast Geocachers of California on a cache listing. I wrote the guy to inquire what the group was all about, and he replied that the group was actually not from our area, but up in Monterey. He then added that I shouldn't feel bad because he got that question a lot. Gee, I wonder why? :o


Personally, I've been okay with all the names suggested so far. Does our name have to convey a regional context? I actually was a little fond of Poison Oak Cachers as it reflected the tounge-and-cheek nature of many of the members of our group. Maybe if we need to show were we were from we could even be the Poison Oak Cachers of the Central Coast. I'm envisioning a motto: "Leaves of three, let me be... geocaching!" :o


Regarding the Middle Kingdom cachers. Well, okay, sounds a little Dungeons and Dragons to me, but I'm not opposed to it. I have never heard our area called that once in the 28 years I've been here, but maybe I've just been hanging out in the wrong circles.


I still like Pacific Coast Cachers too. ;) It carries some nicer connotations and is certainly inclusive of pretty much everyone I've seen attend the events so far - including those from Santa Maria and even farther south.


I'm happy with lots of the suggested names. I say we pick one and move along. Wish the poll feature would work for us here. But since it doesn't, if I were to vote, I'd say, I like Pacific Coast Cachers or Poison Oak Cachers best so far.


Perhaps to settle the issue we should have a VERY informal "Let's Pick a Name" event cache at a local restaurant some night. Of course, that might just be me wanting an excuse to give my wife to go out to eat and talk geocaching. ;)

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This name game is wacko but we're all for getting together again but let me suggest this. We've been thinking we'd like to have a North county venue. We've done SLO and So. county so it's our turn up here. If enough of you think this is a good idea, we'll put it together with the help of some of you and have a saturday or sunday picnic. We would be able to do this on Sept. 25th or 26th. Waddyathink? :o

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I'm all for another gathering, whether to discuss the name or simply talk geocaching while the kids enjoy another day together. However, Sundays aren't the greatest for us. It's our main family day, and there's the church issue. We attend in Orcutt and have other family traditions to which we'd like to attend Sundays. Any way we can make these gatherings Saturday? I'd even drive up to northern SLO County if we could make it the 25th. :lol:

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:blink: Just wanted to point out that the Heritage Oaks Bank Fun Run http://www.hobfunrun.com is in Paso Robles on the 26th, for traffic and attendance considerations. We'd be up for something early or late that day, as we're just doing the 2 mile walk. We have just returned to the area, and posting to forums was not something we did much in our busier lives, so perhaps someone could contact us once something has been decided. Midday on the 25th is OK with us, as well, though we'll be short our youngest member, who will be doing his final ocean certification dive and henceforth be a scuba diver!

Like the poison oak names.

Jenny, Curt and Conor

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Pole R Bear Travel Bug needs your help! His mission is to reach a particular home in Hanford California. Pole R Bear is currently hanging out in a cache near Tustin Calif. If you are going down near Tustin or Santa Ana maybe you can be the lucky one to finish his mission and get him home. I am offering a Team “ 4ching GeoToekn “ & a virgin “ Washington State GeoCoin “ to who ever can finish the final leg of his journey.


Here is the cache that Pole R Bear is located in.




God Speed

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Hi Everyone! Hey, I just wanted all of you to know that this Saturday the 18th beginning at 9am, is the SLO County Beach Cleanup Day. I think it would be great for us to participate. Here is a link for more info... http://www.coastal.ca.gov/publiced/ccd/cou...luisobispo.html

The WilderNESSes will be there, I'm not sure where we will begin. If any of you would like to join in, let us know...

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Hi all! I know school's back in session and that's got people's caching schedule all fouled up...however, I was suprised to see that Parks Survey didn't get more visits from you cachehounds! I understand the multi- was daunting without the multi-logs (as first posted, thanks to misunderstanding of rules by the administrator). Thanks to Droodles, though, I was able to make EACH stop along this path loggable - thereby providing some additional incentive (besides the fun family-oriented stops) to follow the path.


I still consider myself rather new to this activity, so would appreciate any feedback on this new cache. (And what draws YOU to caches, if not location, location, location).



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