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A Wager???


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I checked up on Floopy's stats to see what he was up to because I knew he had to be fast approaching the 3,000 mark (all by himself ).


He was at 2961 this morning. Let's say he did a mild day of caching for him, 14 caches that get him up to 2975. That leaves him 25 til the big 3,000.


Knowing that he caches in the AM before work sometimes, lunchtime, after work, while on the toilet and while writing under his pen name, Stephen King, when do you think he'll hit 3,000?


Anyone interested in a fun wager (nothing crazy - maybe a cache container or something fun or a drink or two at the next event) post it on here - and we can work something out.


Good luck, Po!!!!


edit: I say the 28th!

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Assuming he's not on vacation this upcoming week, I'd guess the 29th. Wonder if he has anything special picked out for 3000 or it's just one he grabs on the way to work? :blink:


You all know he works about 2 miles from home right? I can't believe how many caches have been placed in those *2 miles* he travels every day to work.


Go Floopy!!!

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I guess I'm in the minority here.  I bet that Stayfloopy gets an ingrown toenail that becomes severly infected. He will be out of commission for almost 4 months, at which point I will blow by him and bag my 3,000th cache!

The last time there was a wager, Briansnat had the closest guess. (He was off by only one hour!) Now, this is ominous. :blink:

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To Date 8/25/04:


Name Count


Traditional Caches* 2371


Multi-caches* 156


Virtual Caches* 264


Letterbox Hybrids* 17


Event Caches* 19


Unknown (Mystery) Caches* 72


Webcam Caches* 1


Locationless (Reverse) Caches* 78


NGS Benchmarks 10


Travel Bug Dog Tags 308


USA Geocoins 9


Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs 5




*Total Caches Found 2978

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Squealy and Skully & Mulder win the wager! Did anyone else say 8/28?


You have no idea how close it was. I logged that last cache (18th for the day) at 11:55pm. If I had taken a few minutes longer, it would have been Sunday.


It was quite a day, dashing around in Western Bucks County and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. I hit a number of snags (including a yellow jacket attack) that could have derailed my plans but ultimately, I prevailed.

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