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Washington State Geocoin -ordering Info


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Look on the bright side BM, I picked-up something that belongs to you this morning on my way to work. Sorry, but it is not your coins. Peace, Nolenator

I saw you grabbed my TB. I was supposed to get that a month ago and totally forgot about it. Thanks.


It's been 15 minutes since I checked to see if UPS came. Too soon to go down there again?

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Well everyone, I can quit my bellyaching. My coins are here!

And boy, was it worth the wait. Not only are they beautiful, but I got #0007!


Thanks L&R and Navdog, your work on this project was really above and beyond.

Your lucky!

I just got a call from UPS

they are on strike! :blink:

Not sure if its just in Canada....

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Hot dadgum! I got my coins today and they are awesome. I seem to have captured #41, too. The rest are in the 1200's.

Now where am I going to put my first coin??? :(

Maybe it's time to set out a new geocache in the area.


And if I ever run into Lucy and Rickie the drinks are on me. GREAT JOB!


True Grid

In the Pacific Northwet

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Hehe, ooops. Got my second shipment of coins today. I think we placed one when it all first started and forgot and then placed a second one. Hmmm, are geocoins an appropriate Christmas gift for non-cachers? :(

If you've got extras, some of us that didn't get any, due to getting into this too late, might like to take them off your hands...either for the same price you paid or maybe even a little profit... :(


Would begging and pleading help you make up your mind? :(

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Hehe, ooops.  Got my second shipment of coins today.  I think we placed one when it all first started and forgot and then placed a second one.  Hmmm, are geocoins an appropriate Christmas gift for non-cachers?  :(

Was there a coin #50 in there :( ?

Ya, and it was addressed to PDXmarath.....oh. Better keep my mouth shut!


No, the low number for this batch was #68

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Whoohoo! Got mine today. No low number in my batch though (got 2, maybe I needed to buy more for a lower number, oh well) 763 and 762. Well, one's a Minnesota area code.. not mine though. Little north of me.


They definately look the best in person though, great design. Now I'm here wondering about getting my own coin minted, if I went as cheap as possible...

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Got my coins today and they are truly amazing. :(:(

Went caching with Hairy Plotter and lorded it over him all day. He had to hold the coin three times. :( (He had his when I got him home)

I did unusually good today (found 7). When I would get within about 50 feet of the cache it started making noises. If you listen carefully it sounded like over hear over hear. These coins are magic. :(


I tried but could not part with a coin today. Maybe next time. :(


I never win at lotteries, but I got 0000000000090.


When can we order the 05's :(


Happy caching



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If you've got extras, some of us that didn't get any, due to getting into this too late, might like to take them off your hands...either for the same price you paid or maybe even a little profit...  :(


Would begging and pleading help you make up your mind?  :(

Last I heard the going rate was $7* - and that was last Saturday. These may be a good investment if the rate of increase continues! :(


*L&R couldn't believe someone paid me that much (or was it that I took that much) at the TB swap.

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Seems like ages since I have been on this page or went Geocaching! Mostly because it has. Long story short, we sold out house in the city and moved out to the country. Love the new house, but the commute is a drag. However, because of all out focus on fixing our old house to sell, finding a new house, etc. we had to put caching on the back burner. Which brings me to the Geocoin page. I do have my mail forwarded, and my email address did not change, if someone tried to reach us, but when were the coins sent? Who can I check with to see if/when mine were sent. I ordered/paid for them in the early days. Any help is apprecieted. Thanks!

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Whoo hoo! Got my 5 coins! They are beautiful!


I have one that will not register...the activation code does not match. Any suggestions on what to do?


Also, I want to drop one in Idaho during the holidays, how are they logged on the GC.com website?


loving the new coins,


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Is there a way to check on the status of my order? I still haven't received the coins I ordered way back when. I know my order was placed in time (there were only 800 or so coins ordered at the time I placed my order) so now I'm just waiting patiently (not so much I guess ;-)


How do I follow up on the order status?


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Whoo WHOO !!!!!!!!!! :lol: They finally showed. I thought the UPS man got lost. :D Got #39 for the low coin and 443-451 in the series. They look great. :lol: The girls are all excited. Now we must go Caching this weekend and try to find a great place to drop one off. Thanks to all that helped design the coins and a special thanks to L&R for taking on the duties for shipping the coins out. :lol:



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Okay, I've been reading about people seeing these coins and how great they looked and thought it was just people excited about getting coins. But when we got ours today I have to admit the reactions were justified. They really do look awesome in person.


Thanks everyone who helped put these together.

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Woohoo!!! I was very happy to find that the UPS man had visited today and left me coins!


I'm also very lucky. They had been treated pretty rough on the trip to Alabama. The package was open on one end and the coins fell out when I picked up the package. To my surprise all was well! All coins were there and in great condition!


These coins are great! Excellent job!

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Of course I would like to find a WA coin in a cache! However, I would also like to have one for my collection. Sooo...


If anyone is willing to "offset their cost" for 1 WA coin, I would be happy to help :laughing: . I do not have many geocaching coins to trade, and missed the purchase window...yeah, yeah, procrastination at it's best. I do however have quite a few military coins if you would prefer to trade. (I can post a picture if there are any takers).


This way, if I find one in a cache that is already activated, I can move it on its way!



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Okay... Defender1 was right. Patience is a virtue it seems. I posted the typical "how do I check the status of my order" message and low and behold... I get home from work and I have a nice little package with five coins in it!!! Not only that... but Lucy and Rickie were so amazingly kind enough to give me #9!!! The other four were 1146-1149. #9 is perfect to start my geocoin collection.


Thanks so much for putting all of the hard effort into organizing the WA St Geocoin!!!

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