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Geocoin Question


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I am a newbie and have a question. I think I understand how to log TBs, (have not done it yet) but what's the procedure for Geocoins? Same method and web pages as the TBs?



The USA geocoins are tracked just like Travelbugs are.

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I retrieved my first GeoCoin today, and logged it under the serial # stamped on it. However, the travelbug page for it says to reference it by a TBAxxx number? Which do I enter on the logging page?

That is the same type of number you would get if you activated a Travel Bug. The reason being is so that you can reference a bug/coin number without referencing the actual number on the coin/bug.


To track a coin/bug you have to have the actual number on the tag/coin.


Not as confusing as I'm making it sound. :-)

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