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Nfa Finds 50

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I found 6 caches today, which brought my grand total since joining in April to 50. I'm surprised it took me so long to get to 50, but I'm psyched to get started on the next 50 (and the 50 after that, and the 50 after that...). B)


I've been having a great time geocaching, have introduced members of my family and some friend to it, and have started caching with my wife and 2 year old (almost...9/5) son. ;)


I love reading logs, making entrys, trading silly things for other silly things, moving TBs along in their journeys, getting exercise, finding beautiful new places, and placing caches for other people in love with the Adirondacks as much as I am. B)


Thank you Geocaching.com, Jeremy, approvers, members, users, people who look at me funny while I wander the woods looking at my GPS unit, and my family and friends for putting up with too many conversations that begin with, "While I was geocaching the other day...". B)


My backpack TB has logged (5321.4mi) in the course of visiting my first 50 (plus the caches I've hidden, and one cache in Utah I couldn't find, but loved the hunt so much I had to log my TB in and out anyway). B)


Sorry for the gush, I'm just excited, and none of my friends (outside of geocaching) will get it. :P



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