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What Is Your Trademark Item?

Team PEZ

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I've been leaving tiny ships in a bottle. I picked up a dozen or so at a knick knack store once upon a time. I'm an avid sailor and diver, and my (so far) only placed cache is a scuba (underwater) one so somehow the ship idea fit.


Sorry, no digital camera - but these little items are about 2" long and an inch tall, made of real glass with a wooden stopper in the neck, and have a tiny fully-rigged wooden ship with paper sails contained within. I have two models; a square rigger in an oblong bottle (on its side, fitted to a little wooden black so it will stand on display) and a round bellied bottle sitting upright that contains a gaff schooner.


That reminds me, I should hit the shop again and see if they have any more......

neato! I'd love to find one of those in a cache! Or if there was anywhere that sold a bunch, I'd love to leave something like that behind too. Sailing rules! (I'm a member of the UT sailing club) http://www.utsailing.com :lol:

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I'm a semi-pro wildlife photographer. I leave a laminated card, one side saying "Thanks for the Cache" signed with my cache name.


The other has one of my limited edition prints along with a short description of the circumstances that led to the making of the photograph.


They're small - a bit bigger than a business card - but each one is unique - until I run out of photographs, that is!!!


If anyone is interested, I'll scan one next time I make some and post the image.

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I do the old wooden nickle style but I do them plastic in very bright neon colors that way they are waterproof also, and they have my logo on one side and my brothers logo on the other, they are screen printed on there so it is permanent, also I own an advertising company that does pens magnets keytags t-shirts hats, etc. basicvally anything you can put a name on I do it, so if you are interested drop me an email.

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