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60cs Car Mounting

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There are also mounts that use a suction cup on the windshield. The bean bag mount on mine gets tossed around a bit, but I drive a sportscar with a very stiff suspension and turn at higher speeds than the average minivan.


My solution was to attach the bean bag mount to a large vent on top of my dash with some zip ties.

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Add me to the list that likes the bean bag mount. I think it's great. However, it will leave a little bit of scuffing on your dash after a lot of use -- it just makes the area "less shiny," not scratched or anything (not a big deal to me, but probably a big deal to lots of others). No problems at all with it bouncing around or sliding off. I use one with my 2610, too, and have had no problems there, either. I give it a big thumbs up.


I use it with rental cars from time to time, and I've found that some cars have low, sloping windshields so there's not much room to fit the GPSr on the beanbag. In those cases, a suction cup mount would be best.


I've tried (and didn't like) the permanent and temporary adhesive disk mounts. I couldn't get them to stick to my dash.

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as you probibly know the spotrak has a smaller screen then the s0c and is black and white. I have the radar detector in the middle of the windhshield and my GPS mount on the right side (passanger side). I can easily see it, normally i just watch how close i am to my turn off and thats it, cause i aint got turn by turn directions,,, yet B)


i can easily see it, even if i couldnt, you can move it any where on the windshield ofr abetter view. BTW, i think garmins price for the windsheild mount is like $32?


They have the garmin brand (new) windshield mounts on ebay for like $24 plus $4 shipping if you cant find it locally.



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check out gpscity.com and look at the RAM mounts... it's Solid! adjustable and holds tight... i use the 4" suction mount with a 3" bar and the cradle for my 60C... it's just a little more but well worth it...

Thanks. I already had went with the Garmin version of the window mount. It seems to hold solid as well. The only downside I can see so far is it doesn't allow side-to-side adjustment (no swiveling), doesn't appear to be a major problem as the screen is still quite visible facing straight. Will know more after more usage.

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Both the beanbag and even the "permanent" mounting pad that came with the automotive kit didn't work in my Nissan Altima, thanks to the very curvy and very high dashboard. I ended up using super glue, which did the trick. Not looking forward to taking it off someday... but I'm hoping to have it there for quite a long time.

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I would love to see some pics of how you guys have them mounted. I'm almost convinced to order one of the RAM 4" suction cup windshield mount (aluminum)... The cupholder mount looks promising too, but I don't think I'd get crap for reception...

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