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Forestry Commission Permission

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After lengthy negotiations I have reached an agreement with The Forestry Commission, South East England District whereby for an initial trial period of 1 year, they will allow geocaching to take place in their forests. This is subject to certain conditions which are basically those already agreed with the North Wales district but with the addition that no caches will be allowed in leasehold woods, SSSI’s or SAM sites. You will realise that these conditions will have little practical restriction on cache placement as they already form part of our own guidelines.


There are certain practical things to work out with the cache review/listing procedure but they are for Eckington and I to sort out. The only impact on cache placers will be that the review process may take a little longer than usual.


During the trial period they will be assessing the impact geocaching has on the environment and forestry operations and will gain a better understanding of how it all works in practice.


This is excellent news and my thanks go to everyone who has contributed to getting this agreement. I would also like to thank the Forestry Commission people for the positive way they have worked with us and I trust the trial will prove so successful that they will be able to make the arrangement permanent.


Finally I would urge you NOT to start flooding us with caches on FC land until we have got things working smoothly!!

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After lengthy negotiations......



Many thanks to you, and everyone else, who has been involved in the many negotiations / discussions with the various people at the FC.


I know that a lot of these discussions go on quietly in the background, and whilst they happen, there's not a lot you can report on, lest someone gets the wrong end of the stick, so to speak.


The best bit of news in all this (and one that most are probably unaware of) is that FC were wanting to require "us" (GAGB? GeoCaching.com? Individual cache placers?) to have public liability insurance - but this requirement has been waived. (that was the main reason that nothing had happened regarding permission for caches in the New Forest!).


So, VERY good news! And a VERY big Thank You!


Paul Blitz


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great news, well done for all the hard work.


as has been asked what area does this cover? new forest included? any special requirements for approval?


i don't envy you guys. you can almost hear the stampede of cachers going into the woods this weekend armed with new caches to hide. how many new caches are going to be up for grabs early next week! ftf galore.



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As it's very early days with this new development and proper communications have still to be established I have little extra information to share (if any!).


I don't yet have an exact picture of the extent of the area covered but I do know that the New Forest is NOT covered by the agreement. I will not be pushing for other areas to be included (e.g. Scotland) until we have proved this particular arrangement is working, so patience is still required by all.


As for the sprawling forests of the South East :ph34r: being invaded by tupperware toting hordes this weekend (what a picture that conjures up :blink::blink: ) I would advise against it. There's already a bit of a backlog in the "queue" that Eckington and I will be working on before considering any new ones.


As I said - a little bit of patience please. :unsure:

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