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Woohoo! I Just Attended My 25th Event.

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Events are my favorite part of geocaching hands down.


Including CITOs and my own hosted events, I have attended 25 events, in three states, in the past 18 months. I have met hundreds of geocachers and quite a few that are well known on these forums.


I have discovered one major truth in that time: Geocachers are the same where ever I go.


I have many great memories and I was wondering if anyone else wanted to share some event anecdotes, or observations of geocachers in the social arena.


I have some pretty good stories, but I will probably get into less trouble if I stick mainly to observations.


First observation: At EVERY event, the adult cachers fall into 4 catagories: Forum People (like me), Anti-forum people, Lurkers (my personal favorites, oh, the questions they ask....), and the blissfully unaware. (Hey, there's always ONE.)


I have lots more..... What are some of yours? Anecdotes?



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I need to hit that sack so I don't have time to post some all of my favorite memories. Actually, that will require some serious thinking as my memory is shot. Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on a very, very cool milestone.


One that comes to mind right away is from Avro's Baby Back Ribs Event last week. I almost beat up a Fat David Cassidy look alike. That's about the same time I stopped drinking garbage can sized Sam Adams'.


There are more, I'll post later.

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Elk steaks cooked by Niskibum, the tub O'Goo step on the multi, Huckleberry cheesecake, and the comraderie around the campfire.

The poker run in Great Falls, and getting #600 later that day with friends.

Our first event- the thunderstorm/rainstorm that made us retire to a nearby bar for a couple hours of goofing off.

Events are always awesome! And we always enjoy meeting other cachers and gossiping about caches.

Can't wait to see what this weekend's event holds for us!

Keep holding em & attending em Snoogans, we are looking forward to meeting ya at one someday.

Personal observation: First thing anyone around here(MT & ID) asks when we go to events is our standing on the SGPS scoring system. :P


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I too am hoping to get off my duff and get to one of these events. Snoogans and I live in the same city so it would be a pity not to get to know such fine people that he runs around with.


Maybe the next time....when is the next one in Htown Snoogans?


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I'm willing to share an anecdote:


My first and only event attended so far was a CITO event in Pittsburgh, PA just this past CITO day. Anyway, it seems the day of our event was also the day that a fairly large 5K race was going through the park. Of course the main road through a good part of the park was closed. However. I along with several other cachers, came in a back way completely unaware of the 5K going on. We came in on a fairly major road that I guess they only closed as long as they had to. We pulled in and found a nice parking spot near the pavillion. We parked right next to a fairly large pile of several barricades. A few minutes after we had parked, city police pulled up and put up the barricades and started redirecting traffic, blocking the way we had just come in. Within another 5 minutes the runners were starting through, and within what I swear was only half an hour, they had opened the street again.


Quite a few people came in another way and were not as lucky, it seems that the road that these people tried to come in on was closed a lot earlier than the one we were on... B)

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