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Fall Cito Camping Event

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I'm talking to a few people about organizing a Fall CITO camping event


Tent camping, friday and saturday evenings(checking to see if fires will be permited).


I would put out 1/2 dozen caches just for this event, plus a bonus for most trash collected.


May even have a water cache for those who have canoes and kayaks.


camp site would be at Central PA location(with-in 15 miles of me :o )


I want to see who would be interested, and the best weekend(thinking October)





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Campin' & Cachin' :P


You must be reading my mind. Oct. is currently pretty open except for one long weekend trip to Pine Creek/Grand Canyon. Not sure yet what weekend that will be.


As you know I graduatted from tents. Would my little "rig" be acceptable?


Keep me posted on developments.



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Ok folks.....here's a rough


Weekend of October 16th, with camping for Saturday Night(pending submission of paperwork) Milton state park.


I have to submit a written proposal for the CITO, with overnight camping, number of people expected, previous CITO's and General Clean up proposal.(expect to have this done early next week)


I will place a few caches JUST for this event, along with ONE water cache!


I've been informed that pop-ups will be ok if the whole proposal is accepted.


based on past CITO's I've attended I think 1 -2 dozen folks attending...


Hey IV, can I get some help from you on the written Proposal?

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A cool idea, and both Leps might attend if our schedules permit. That's my old stomping grounds as a graduate of Bucknell. No place is prettier during fall colors.


Possible competing events include a campout in Allegheny National Forest being discussed by NEOGeo and NWPA Geocachers, and a return to the beach party, after Polgara's successful summer event there. But to my knowledge, neither of these has an announced date yet.

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OK....Final paperwork is now being processed, and things are looking good so far.


Dave's Rig is OK'ed, and there will be no fires :rolleyes: ,


One last thing.... since this is the FIRST one, The number of people who can attend is being restricted, 20-25 people can attend this first one. So Please get you name in so I can put on my reservation list....

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I was going to try and make a trip that way in October, but with my husband's work and school schedule, it doesn't look likely. It's just too far to drive by myself, energy wise.


Looks as if I'll miss the autumn leaves yet another year. :D

And I miss camping...it's been soooo long.


I hope you peeps have a blast, though.

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Everything is in the car ready for tomorrow!!!




the Cache "stand By me" suffered flood damage from Hurricane IVAN, and like "river of dreams" was still there....BUT Unlike River, ALL the contents were destroyed, I have cleaned up the container, and put in new stash and LOG book. It should end up back in it's home this weekend.


I have HOT Dogs, Burgers, Coleman camp stove(could use a frypan) , extra tent, sleeping bags, Lots and Lots of rubber gloves, and trash bags for the CITO


There are even a few prizes, not sure how they will be given out, but do have prizes :mad:


Hope to see you bright shiney faces tomorrow...and please bring the sun!!!

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