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Superior Circle Tour Help

The Noels

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:) We, The Noels, are taking a circle tour of Superior starting in Michigan and are planning on seeing as many waterfalls as possible. We are allowing 7 days for the full trip.


Along the way we would like to search as many caches as possible. Being not from the area, we are not sure as to the towns/parks/roads that would be near caches and waterfalls. There are several good guides to waterfalls in the States but not much help searching caches, unless I want to try each zipcode along the way. The same is true for Canada.


We'll do most hikes but mountain climbing, etc is our of our comfort zone.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I'm going to also post this in the Canada section of the forums.


The trip will be the second week of September.

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In Wisconsin, if you’re looking to find caches near waterfalls, The Lil Otter is the person to contact. She has a series of 52 caches that are all near waterfalls in the state. Check out this link for a complete listing. I know that quite a few of these caches are in northern Wisconsin. (Many are in Marinette County, which borders Michigan.)


There are few people who are more enthusiastic about geocaching than Lil Otter... simply email her and I'm sure she'll be more than happy to give you travel advice. Have a great trip!

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