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Excuse My Gloating


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Over a year ago I posted my trip report about trying to make an ascent on Grouse Mountain to find the BM there. Previous years I was unable to even hike to the lakes due to being there to early when the snow was still not melted away. Last year I was turned away by violent storms. This year I finally conquered the mountain. The things I will do for a bench mark.


16+ miles round trip and 5000+ elevation gain. The only way to reach this BM is a minimum of 6-7 mile hike one way. There are no roads within 5 miles of the point. Unless you have a horse or helicopter you have to walk.


If I am able to go to Beaver Creek again next year my next goal will be nearby Mt. Jackson. You can see it in the photos of Grouse. It is a 13'er The flank of it holds to small trout filled lakes that are the source of Beaver Creek.


My plan will be to camp at the Lake and hike up the next morning. I don't think I could make it in one day like the Grouse Climb. Nearby Mount Holy Cross is a 14'er and likewise is a popular climb. 100's of people climb it every year. The BM has also been found. There is just something about trying to conquer the peaks no one seems to care about. I'd rather climb the K2's of the world than fight the crowds up Everest.


Anyway, that is enough of my gabbing. I hope those of you that appreciate a good BM will enjoy the photos I posted. Wish me luck next summer

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Howdy, B! That is very impressive indeed. The views from up there appear to be spectacular. Wish I had those kinds of mountains around here. I enjoy getting to and finding the hard ones! Congrats on your BM recovery and your noteworthy accomplishment.


Cheers ...

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beatnik -


We certainly enjoyed your gloating! We anxiously await your next mountain gloat regarding Mt. Jackson, and maybe and some other 14'ers.


5,000 feet up and down and 16 miles is quite an amazing benchmark hunt! I bet it was quite a relief (pun not intended) to see that the disk was still there.


(I put your benchmarky pic in the benchmark contest thread.)

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Beatnik -


You may gloat all you want - your recovery of Grouse is about as gloatable (or, is it gloat-worthy?) as they get. Well-done and congrats!


After spending a few hours yesterday hunting benchmarks in the mud and with the bugs of southern Maryland, I envy your clear air and spectacular vistas. Great photos.



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Thanks for the comments, trips like that are the ones I remember. So many of the BM's here in Oklahoma are all on courthouses or by train tracks. It's an adventure to explore other places with real elevation.


Hey if I can bring hope to other 30 something out of shape adventurers like myself it's all worth it.

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