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Shameless Blatant Self Promotion


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I'm packing up. and almost forgot this item. Mine's the one at the top, purple with gold. It came from the scary ladder, and I earned it, being the first of the group to find the cache.

We're off to see the northern lights tonight.

It's 7 pm, I have a warm dinner in hand, my hair is braided tightly, and only Mr B and Shunra have heard of spirit quest. Mrs B is in need of purification. See ya. Criminal is going with me. In a fashion, a purple and gold fashion.



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OK, so it's ironic. The Criminal sig tag has been in jail,. Wonder what they thought of that? I drink, and I did I get my car stuck, one wheel , in a ditch on the 4WD road, yep, and if AAA seems totally confused about where I might be, and if my water bottle full of whiskey seemed inviting while I waited., why not. I DO NOT drink and drive. I had intended a vision quest, I mentioned it to my "friends" and I needed to cleanse.

But I was pushed down, hogtied, and questioned ad nauseum about my suicidal tendenciies. Hello, look in my backpack, look at what I'm wearing. The spade was to dig in the snow, not for a shallow grave.

My best geo-friends betrayed me, and I'm gone. Gone with purple bruises on my wrists from handcuffs. Gone with a court date tomorrow, and the possibility of a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Those of you who are thinking of "helping me" should consider a child without a mother for a year. And a clausterphobe, who about went crazy after 7 hours in a cell.

Ouch. I DO NOt drink and drive. At 10 pm, with my car not operational, I might sit and drink whiskey. My car was NOT operational, and they told me it might take hours to find me. Suicidal? No. I was as warm as toast, I was well prepared.

The only slight difficulty I had was on the way to jail when I pointed out to the deputy that he was driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. He was not amused, and turned the radio up full blast. We made peace, both shut up for awhile, and then had an interesting discussion about geocaching.

My wrists are as purple as my Criminal sig item. Wish me luck, I go to court tomorrow.

I'm done geocaching, and hope iIm allowed to stay home and shampoo carpets and hold my child near to me.


OOps! Edited to say that I drank when I got there, not before. The officer, (deputy?) assured me that if I had been drinking before I left home, or on the way, my breathalyzer test would go down. As if this was a plus. I was drinking then, there, stuck, when the found me, and it didn't go down at all. Hello? Do you get the implications? I was not drinking and driving 40 miles + an hour ago when I left home. I was drinking now, when you found me. And after all that, I blew a 1.0 Come visit me in jail. My geo-friends sent the sheriff after me. I'm gone. I'm angry. I am no longer a geocacher.

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