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My first avatar was Kokopelli with an etrex:



Jeremy added the little Kokopelli at some time when I said I wanted to use an avatar that reflected my caching with my son. I used Kokopelli for quite a long time.

In Kokopelli, Flute Player Images in Rock Art, Dennis Slifer and James Duffield mention "...widely held beliefs that Kokopelli was a fertility symbol, roving minstrel or trader, rain priest, hunting magician, trickster, and seducer of maidens..."

I liked that, musician, trickster and seducer of maidens. <_<


I had a fleeting romance with Google Image search, and when I did "markwell" I came up with this one:


Not one of my relatives (that I know of), but kind of fun.


Sometime in 2002, I changed to my well-known one.



Calvin and Hobbes: Explorers, lovers of nature, philosophers, ne'er-do-wells, best buddies, comrades-in-arms, co-presidents of G.R.O.S.S., tasty morsels for monsters under the bed, and inventors of Calvin Ball. I read C&H from when Calvin trapped Hobbes with a tuna sandwich (We're kind of stupid that way (munch munch)) to the last sled ride down the hill (Let's Go Exploring!). They remind me of a simpler time in my life, when kids could play in the neighborhood for hours on end, and just shout out the door: I'll be home before dinner Mom!


My current Christmas Avatar:


is taken from a better picture, of C&H, but partially lifted from this cartoon:



Happy Holidays, everyone!

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I've undergone a few avatar changes due to boredom....


My picture initially reflected the company I worked for....




Then I got laid off when they closed all retail operations...




Next I rode the forum wave of Geocaching Badges...




Then messed with a corporate logo...




And adjusted it to reflect my current philosophy.



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The one I have now is a purple slorg. Slorgs are my favorite petpets on the neopets website, and my favorite color is purple. (I don't have a purple slorg, though, ironically)


The one I used the first couple days in Dec was the Project AIDS Quilt ribbon because Dec 1 is World AIDS day.


The other one is a fly that Sissy N CR made for me. I'll go back to that after the holidays.

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does anyone know the meaning of the word AVATAR?

Avatar: (from sanskrit for descent) meaning a god on earth in bodily form. Also used to mean an embodiment, as of a quality of a person.


My avatar reflects the fact that I live in bigfoot country. But I've been thinking of changing it, especially as I see that Yeti uses this one (and appropriately too). Hmmmm....will have to put some thought into it.


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Mine's a picture of a Beaker fingerpuppet 'cause it was one of the first pics I took with my digital camera (testing out the super macro mode) and it cracks me up. The puppet is tacked to the wall of my cubicle at work, which at least gives him a reason to look like he does... :P

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My avatar is a Photo of a rock arrangement LisaS and I spotted along the trail while hiking in Acadia National park. The coordinates are for it's location. It's just seemed right to put it over there


I put the coordinates there so I'd remember where it was for this years visit.

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I don't post often but I have changed avitars a few times. My current one is the blazers logo from 1970-91 and they should have never changed it.


My first avitar comes from my favorite South Park episode about Gnomes who steal underpants for profit. I drew in the GPS and some underpants.




After a while I wanted to change it. I had drawn a special pirate gnome during that whole pirate thing, but I never used it. I created this one when the hand/chin thing was all the rage




I eventually decided I needed to change again and used an image of a painting I made... as you can tell I'm not much of an artist




Now I'll probably use the trail blazer logo until I decide I need to change again. Might need to Show some OSU pride for them going to the College World Series

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Well, we just went through an extreme account makeover that involved changing our username from Karen&Jake to L337 H4X0Rz (pronounced "leet haxorz" for those of you not familiar with leetspeak).


This was our avatar:



We thought it was cute how it looked like Piglet was looking for a cache, but it didn't go with the new name. Our new avatar reflects our name better. Besides, we've always found this image pretty funny :o


Here is a larger version:


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Right now mine is an image of a Helghast soldier from the PS2 game, Killzone. The Helghast are actually the bad guys of the story, but I've always liked the bad guys more than the good guys, they're always much cooler.


Another soon to be used is a simple picture of Zim, from the best cartoon evarz, Invader Zim!


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My avatar was part of my surprise 50th birthday celebration last week. My wife (a web designer) had a connection to a pretty talented cartoonist (affectionately known as EEF) who created it based on photographs. I had been wanting one for awhile but I haven't got a creative bone in my body so it wasn't going to come from me! :ph34r:


It captures me pretty well and my demeanor while caching!

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Mine is the Combat Infantry Badge. The badge is given to U.S. Army Infantry qualified soldiers who been involved in "active ground combat." In civilian terms it means I got shot at and I shot back ha ha. I am no longer in the Army, hence the name "XGrunt."

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