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I'm a big NHRA fan and my regular avatar is just the Nitrofish Racing Team logo:


I call it Ichthys-Nitrus-Oxidus




My current avatar is an original work by H.R. Giger (IMHO, The greatest living artist today.)



It's called: Birth Machine


This is the Avatar that I use during the week of my birthday:


I was less than 1 hour old.


It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!


This one is an inside joke. (The horse is very famous, "of course.")





This one is more serious. It's telling a story: (I'm sending a message.)



You're totally gettin' some later ya know.


A little more of the story:



YEA BABY! Polish my armor......Lower.....

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No special reason. I changed mine from a "Paint" drawing my daughter did when she was 10 to a skiing troll. I'm half Scandinavian and I enjoy skiing and hiking. Back when Cross country skiing started, they only used a hiking pole to help steady themselves.


spelling errer

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There is a song called "Yatta" that was performed by a Japanese Comedy Group called "Happatai" (English = Green Leaves).  The song was first performed on a Japanese television show called "Silly Go Lucky". Silly Go Lucky is a sketch comedy show by the same group of guys that perform the song. So of course one day during a sketch they performed "Yatta!" and the rest is history.


The song and now the group have made it really big in Japan with the song going triple platinum in weeks. Green Leaves has also spawned it's own cartoon series.


If you want to see the video and hear our team theme song, you can visit the link below. Be warned that the guys in the video are wearing nothing but shoes, tighty whitey underwear with a green leaf attached to the front and nothing else. :o I wouldn't recommend watching the video unless you are on a cable or DSL connection.


My avatar is a screen grab from this video. :o


The Yatta Video

The figleaf dance came first, but I actually became aware of ""Yatta" years ago when I saw this version.


There is a great history of "Yatta" with lots of different versions (including a techno dance mix) here.

Yeh, I've seen those too! :lol: I've known about the Yatta fad for quite a while but my team still thinks it is a real hoot! :huh:

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My current avatar is an original work by H.R. Giger (IMHO, The greatest living artist today.)



It's called: Birth Machine

Yay, excellent choice! There's two of us! I have picture of the Birth Machine on our living room wall. And another poster (ELP) somewhere else. I have also couple of miniature statues of Alien Drone and Alien Queen, which look pretty dadgum good. There's a real-size facehugger figure hanging above my computer. All designed or inspired by Giger.


I visited the Museum HR Giger in Gruyères, Switzerland couple of years ago (a MUST-see place!) and this summer the Giger Bar in his birth town, Chur. Now I can die. :o


My avatar: it's just a picture of me, which I diabolicized when I was introduced to PhotoShop. Or was it vice versa?

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mine is off the cover of "The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy" that fabulous book by douglas adams. I naturaly used that seeing how as the book was based on my life as an intergalactic hitchiker, of course it had be marketed as fiction. The mear thought of an alien walking amoungst you earthlings would have sent you into a panic thinking we where going to attack the earth or eat your brains, we don't do that anymore! anyway now I'm just rambling.......

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I'm just testing this out. Has absolutely nothing to do with the nick "CTKayak" (which I'm thinking of changing anyway) but it was a sketch for a piercing project I did for a metals class last year, and I'm thinking of turning it into a stamp for letterboxing (once, you know, I figure out how to and actually go try it out). Any thoughts? The actual image is much larger, though, I think I may have made it too small even for an avatar.

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I noodled around with several ideas, but could't settle on anything. Then, it hit me.


I am known at work by the shirts that I wear. No small feat when you consider that there are 7000+ people working there.


Add to that the simple fact that I collect Aloha shirts, and there you are.


The next one I use will most likely be a Tiki of some sort.

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Here's the scoop.  I was born in late 1957.

So was I!! Did you know that there were more babies born in the US in 1957 than any other year in history? GO US! :P


I just had to check this out, and you are right! 4.3 Million of us '57s in the US. These paltry 21st Century birth rates pale by comparison.




P.S. Why are all the really cute '57s married


Edit: Extraneous code

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Here's the scoop.  I was born in late 1957.

So was I!! Did you know that there were more babies born in the US in 1957 than any other year in history? GO US! :P


I just had to check this out, and you are right! 4.3 Million of us '57s in the US. These paltry 21st Century birth rates pale by comparison.




P.S. Why are all the really cute '57s married


Edit: Extraneous code



NOTE: Alaska is included beginning 1959; Hawaii beginning 1960.


So we did it with only 48 states!! Or rather, our parents did. :D

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After watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I wanted to change my Avatar. You see people that know me say, I have a wicked sense of humor, and a bit of a "smart mouth." ;) I needed a Avatar that fits my personality.


The Taunting Frenchmen was taken (darn) B)


The Black Knight......No way he gets hacked up!! B) But some great lines in the movie.


So I decided on the Knight of Ni... For one I liked this character and since we live in Western WA. there is plenty of Green "Shrubbery." This avatar I will stay with me for a long time.


(edited) cause IronMaiden hasn't had her coffee yet. B)

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Circa: September 2002 - early 2003


This was my early Radman Version 2.0 cartoon that I used for a year. Based on a cartoon I made back when I was still in Junior High.




Circa: early 2003


My Football pic when I was in 10th grade.




Circa: April 2003


A logo I found when I typed up RADMAN on Yahoo Images search.




Circa: May 2003


A funny picture I found




Circa: Summer 2003


Myself doing the geocachinghandshake thing when that was popular



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Next and last five!


Circa: Summer 2003 - December 2003


The whole Radman cartoon, when I decided to bring him back!




Circa: December 2003 - January 2004


When I was on my Dan Quayle craze.




Circa: January 2004 - February 2004


Birth of Radman Seven of Eight, my Star Trek Craze




Circa: February 2004 - April 2004


Radman the Fat Radish, probably one of my best known characters, taken from some website I can't remember.




Circa: April 2004 - Present


Radman Version 3.0 is born!


My current Radman logo, made darker and more mysterious, my Batman craze. This might be my longest running character yet.



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My avatar is something I threw togeather with photoshop. I had been meaning to do something like that for a long time, but after I got into Geocaching and reading the forums, I finally decided to do it. The story behind my nick is a long and not very interesting story.


The only other avatar I used is this one



A video capture of Pete Puma from one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons. Under the avatar I used the line "How many lumps do you want?"

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The Siamese cat in my avatar is for the familiar in "Bell, Book and Candle", one of my fave movies starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak.


Though it's hard to see, the GPSr is a dino-Maggie 410; ancient, but very reliable and it's easy for me to use, ergonomically speaking.


The background (also hard to see) is the Blue Willow pattern, famous in china tea service. I drink a LOT of tea. It's my destiny.


Nothing exciting...kinda like me.

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Interesting you should ask.

What the heck does it mean anyway? That new Avatar of mine. Well here's the answer. (Just in case anyone thought to wonder)


Encrustation of Human Allegory


What does it mean?

I often approach things with double and triple meanings.


First, let’s define allegory:


a. The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form.

b. A story, picture, or play employing such representation. John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Herman Melville's Moby Dick are allegories.

2. A symbolic representation: The blindfolded figure with scales is an allegory of justice.

Note; Allegory is a prolonged metaphor .


An encrustation of allegory, is the transition of an allegory to dogma or an allegorical figure to the belief that it is real and material as presented. The goddess Aphrodite is an allegory for love an beauty, but when worshiped the allegory has become encrusted.


Now for my meanings.

1. The Tower of Babel (avatar I am using) is an allegory for man’s inability to listen and understand each other (more than just language) and thus their unwillingness to listen and understand each other.

2. As EraSeek, a product of a little girl’s imagination (imaginary friend) I am an encrustation of human allegory. That allegory being a representation of imagination, and being accepted as an active Geocacher, even though a fictitious character, I am thus encrusted. (Formerly my title was “Imaginary Member”, “Encrustation of Human Allegory” is essentially the same.)

3. The discussion forums are an allegorical Tower of Babel. (refer to 1.)


Ok, go back to what you were doing. -sorry

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I've used a variety of avatars in the 2+ years I've been here. Some of them are noteable, like the Saddam picture that earned me my only warn-level increase (I've edited the picture below so as to not offend anyone again). Many of these avatars were only in use for a "theme-day". All but a few have a "Sax" pictured in them (some are rather hard to spot, but they're in there). I've tried to keep them in order based on date uploaded, but I didn't always use them right away.



No sax on Saddam or Sparky. I edited Sparky's paw with the GC-sign, Saddam was done by someone else. Oh, and Carleen is sporting a neat Sax-pin on her shirt :D



The green Smurf was for St. Patrick's Day. That's a sombrero on the viking's shield, not something else :P



I didn't make the tractor pic, but the sax is in there. It's on the Smurf's right side. The sock-puppet is covering the sax in the 4th picture. Next to that is the inventor of the Saxophone, Adolphe Sax. In the cartoon avatars, the snowman is holding a bari sax. You'll have to search AS for cartoon day to see how I suffered the head wound.



Moon day caught me by surprise, so I didn't have time to edit a saxophone into the avatar.


(This was posted in the OT forum under "Avatar Days", but it is on-topic here, I'm reposting it)

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My current avatar is part obsession, part my old past. It is a geoglyph. A large Native American design carved in the landscape of the Colorado River area by who knows what group of natives who knows how long ago. They are large enough to see from the air, but their locations are hidden, so I am not sure exactly where they are at. One day I will spot one in the arial photos, just for kicks.

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The Celtic brooch that I use represents my Scots/Irish heritage on my mother's side. I spent two lovely weeks in Scotland and loved every minute of it. Also, my older daughter is doing her masters degree at Trinity College, Dublin. She is the one who got me interested in geocaching, so it honors her, too. :lol:

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Since I posted the ones in the following post, I've used a few others:




This is a photo of J. Edgar Hoover. Not sure why I switched to it, other than the fact that I thought it was funny.




This is a drawing I did many years ago of a former co-worker and bowling teammate. I'm a terrible artist, but most people found the likeness to be uncanny and it started popping up cut and pasted over heads in cartoons, news photographs, etc... It became a long running inside joke in my old workplace.




This is a painting of Continental Army soldiers that I used for the background on one of my cache pages.

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23324_200.jpg My first avatar, which was just a photo of me, looking very stern.



This is probably the one I've used the most. Its a famous painting called The Death of Jane McRae.  She was the fiance of a Tory officer who served under British Gen. Burgoyne during the Revolutionary War. She was murdered by Indians hired by Gen. Burgoyne to terrorize the settlers in western Mass. and NY's Hudson Valley. When her scalp was brought back to Burgoyne's camp, her fiance reportedly recognized her long tresses and broke down on the spot.


They killed poor Jane, not realizing that she was on their side, but this act inflamed the area's inhabitants and turned many formerly neutral residents into ardent Patriots and eventually contributed to Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga


23324_400.jpg This was my second avatar. It garnered lots of comments. Some people actually thought it was me  <_< .



This one grossed people out and I received several e-mails asking that I remove it. Same for the famous  squid one which I stopped using after one day because of complaints and won't post here because it's been seen too many times already.


23324_2300.jpg I used this one for quite a while. It's Rev. War Gen. Nathanial Greene. A hero of mine since I was a kid.



I used this one for about 6 months. It is actually the logo for a local ski area.  I also have a couple of hats that have this logo, so it was cool wearing hats with my avatar while out geocaching.



I used this for short while. It's a Shawnee Indian called The Prophet (real name Tenskwatawa), who was Techumseh's younger brother. He fought with Techumseh against Gen. William Henry Harrison at the battle of Tippecanoe and lost. He told his braves that his magical powers will stop the soldiers bullets. Bzzzzzt, wrong! Gen. Harrison went on to win the presidency years later thanks in part to his supporters using the slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too".



A painting of Revolutionary War Gen. Lord Stirling. I used this for several months. Gen. Stirling was a major figure during the Revolutionary War, though relatively unkown today.  I've worked for years at an archaelolgical excavation at his Basking Ridge, NJ estate and have spent many hours cataloging and piecing together his household goods that we unearthed like plates, wine bottles, pitchers and chamber pots.  Yes, I've touched Lord Stirling's chamber pot!  I guess you can say that means I've got the poop on Lord Stirling, or more accurately, he's got the poop on me.



A painting of Revolutionary War Gen. Hugh Mercer. I used this one for a month or two. Another key figure in the war, until his death at the Battle of Princeton. NJ's Mercer County is named after him.



This was used for a month or so. Its Revolutionary

War Gen. John Stark. Hey, is there pattern here?

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south park character made to look like me (though i'm less round than he is!), making a face i tend to make quite often (though not when getting stuck in the eye by an errant tree branch as suggested in another thread) <_<


as an officer of the MGS I made sure to put one of our t-shirts on him as well, though it needs some updating.



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