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Selling Etrex Legend

Enos Shenk
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I havent geocached in more than a year. To be honest i never use my Garmin anymore, i cant really justify not selling it to someone that could use it more than me.


The unit is a Garmin eTrex Legend. It comes with the serial PC link cable for uploading/downloading waypoints and other neat stuff.


The unit has street level maps and points of interest for the Fort Wayne Indiana area. Obviously unless you live in Fort Wayne this isnt going to do you much good. You would need Garmin's Metroguide softare to upload detailed maps for your area. By default, the unit will display highway roads in undetailed areas, and basic points of interest.


The unit is in very good condition. I think theres a couple very small scuffs near the top end of the unit from use, but theres no deep scratches or anything anywhere on it.


It has been reset to factory stock after i took the pictures, so it has no waypoints, no tracks, and a grand total of 8 feet on the odometer.


Some pics:






I would be willing to sell it for $150 shipped to the US. I can only accept money orders, US Postal Service money order preferably.


I can be reached for questions at email eshenk@comcast.net or on AOL instant messenger at name Smeezky.

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