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A Small Event


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The Manchester Community Association will be throwing their annual Manchester Festival on August 28 from 10am to 3pm.


I am planning to have an Event Cache there. One, cuz I wanna have an event, and two, to hopefully get more people interested in the Game.


If anyone knows someone that is showing an interest in the game, please bring them out to the festival.


I submitted the write-up tonight, and hopefully, it will get approved tomorrow. The listing is here.

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As of 8AM, Monday the 16th this event has not been approved.


There is a possibility that it won't be approved. If that's the case then there will be no event cache at the Manchester Festival to claim but there will be a small booth that will have information on GeoCaching.


Hope to get to put some faces with names! Drop by the booth if you can.

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As suspected this cache wasn't approved because it didn't meet the guidelines for event caches. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


There probably won't be a booth, either. :(


On the other hand...if you have some time to spare and would like to find a few easy caches in the Manchester area you can make a nice day of it by finding Colchester Park, Welcome to Manchester and Thanks to the Veterans.


While you're in the area stop by the Manchester Festival located downtown Manchester in the Kitsap Regional Library parking lot. Just go down Colchester to the end of the road and it's right in front of you.


There's going to be kids carnival games that are inexpensive and easy to win. Some are a prize every time game. We'll have a BBQ booth and a good number of local people's crafts and merchandise booths. At noon the library will be presenting the chidren's parade around the parking lot. Kids dress up, decorate their bikes and wagons..they even dress up their dogs and parade around the parking lot. Barnarby Bear from the library system will be on hand to lead the parade. There are several silent auction items including an HO John Deere train.


If you'd like to see what happened at last year's Manchester Festival as well as some of the other Manchester Community Association sponsored events just check out www.manchesterca.org

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