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External Mcx Antenna

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I recently noticed a company called North Star GPS was seliing "Amplified Remote GPS Antennas" with the connector for 19.99 on ebay.


I was a little leary but twenty bucks didn't seem like much of a risk.


Been using it now for a week with my 60CS and it works great. In fact I'm thinking about ordering a second one to put in my back pack while on foot.


I have a question about using an external antenna


When I hook up the MC adapter does it discconect the attgenna attached to the unit?


Or do I get the benefit of pulling in signals with BOTH antennaes?


Guess what I'm really asking is if using an external attennae while on foot really does any good.

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If there is a connector for an external antenna, then connecting the external should disconnect the internal antenna. You don't want both of them working at the same time. An active external antenna will always give you a better signal than the internal antenna, especially in difficult conditions. The more canopy you have overhead, the more the external antenna will help. I have a reradiating antenna that I use with my Legend, because there is no connector, and it works very well, giving me a much better signal when walking through the woods as well as while driving.

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I'm not sure which GPSr you use, but the Magellan Color does indeed only use the external antenna when connected. A quick easy way to verify is to cover the GPSr.

I put together an antenna with some spare parts I had at work, and use it with my color when driving. I get both WAAS satellites when travelling to and from work, with an EPE of 7 feet, the whole way. Combined with DirectRoute, it rocks...

Now I only wish that my Plat had the external connector as well.

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