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Newcastle Island 2004


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HI, i am fairly new to geocaching but i have taken a real liking to it. I heard there was some kind of event going on in my area on Newcastle island in bc canada.

Apparently they have had an event there the last few yrs. I was looking for some infomation if anyone has any. My email address is kahunajay99@hotmail.com if anyone has any info. or i will check back here. Thanks

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Avast ye scurvy lan' lub'r...Tis tu tru, thar wunce be a wunnerf'l week'nd hevent at NooCastle Hisland....If'n ye've not read the ships logs, 'ere's a link...


Van-Isle Cachers Get Together


Was horgranized by a few of us back in th' good ole days, it were a blast.

Hunfortun'tly, we've b'en transport'd to the oth'r coast, elsin' we'd be tryin' t' 'ave 'er agin fer this year!


Twer a bit o' controversy o'er th' locayshun not bein' hacces'ble by tent trayler :ph34r:, but we still 'ad a dozen or so tents stayin' th' weekend.


We 'ad a BBQ sup'r, Breakkie, sum hevents, a 5 stage multi, poker run wiv pryzes fer all (If'n anyones whats was thar reads this, I'd be facynated t' 'ear 'ow th' Bump'r stick'rs mayde out??).


Ev'ry wun that were thar donayted sumfing fer a cuppla caches t' mark th' memries...


Newcastle Van-Isle Cache #1


Newcastle Van-Isle Cache #2


Were a fun way t' spend th' layb'r day weekend...Brings a tear t' me glarss heye jus' a think'n o' it...


It'd be nyce to 'ear o' somewun doin its agin sumtime, jus' wish we wasn't a few thousan' myles away, be a bit much t' git thar I'm 'fraid.


The udd'r horganyzers was, as I recall, BCRockcrawler and Dagg, wiv sum 'elp frum many udd'rs...


Summa th' great'st Geocachers in th' Werld be from VI, We's hencourage ye t' meet as many o' 'em as ye can...an' an hevent is wunna th' best ways t' do that!

(O' course, now that we be'n so lucky as t' spend a year in the Birth City o' Cachin', followed by a Year in a city whar thar be 2 caches wivin 100 miles and startin' from scraytch, geocachers ev'ry whar be great folk)...ye've chosin' a great sport, Welcome t' th' werld o' chachin kahunajay, 'opes ye git t' do th' rest o' our still hactive caches out thar, an' MANY thanks to bcrockcrawler for keepin' them halive!!!


(Insert Eye-Patch Emoticon Here) Keep yer sails 'igh an' move swiftly

Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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