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Tracks And Downloading Them, Etrex


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this may have been asked a bunch, but I ma having trouble itht the search returning too much to wade though...




I nve tracks saved on my etrex, how do I get them to my computer? I am only using the free easygps tool, but I also have the microsoft maps and trips but no yet loaded on the PC.


Is there a functionin easy gps to get the tracks? Is there any other freeware that has this capability?


thnks in advance, and sorry if it is a reduntant questions.


Eric M.

Of Team Honu

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Yea, USAPhotoMaps and also QuakeMaps will both overlay your tracks onto aerial and topo maps. I've used both to document my longer hikes in the mountains, create hike report graphs (e.g. elevation vs. time) and show my route on maps. Check my website (link in profile) if you're interested in examples, e.g. the "Big Slide" hike....


They work well. For just a quick download and import into Excel, I use G7toWin.

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