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Geocachers In Your Family?


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When I started geocaching in February I had no idea it would catch on in my family like it has. Including myself I now have 10 geocachers in my family. My grandson Chace took it up shortly after I did. He is 9 years old and has 104 finds. Chace is the originator and hider of "This Cache Rocks" and yes, he did all the work himself. His Dad, wtwalden was bitten by the bug when going on a cache outing with Chace and I. When he got back he signed up and logged his finds, now at 51. The next week he bought a Garmin GPS V. My daughter lakauai took it up shortly after Chace did and has 46 finds. Last weekend my oldest daughter tennisgal visited from Atlanta with her two daughters madmadeline and malmal. Last weekend we found an astonishing 18 caches! We went in two vehicles because tennisgal said she might not want to stay but about 2 to 3 hours. After the second find to make it easier we parked one vehicle and went in the other. We stayed gone over 9 hours hitting cache after cache. I asked her after every one if she wanted me to take her back to her car, and she answered, "no I'm fine". Late that afternoon she asked me where I got the GPS'r and how much it cost. I told her and she said, "I need to get one". I think she saw the looks on the kids faces light up as they found the caches. I tried to let the kids find the caches first to give them the honor of FTF, of course it only counted in our little group, but I wish you had been there to see the beaming looks on their little faces. Next is my little wife mimimoo. The kids call her Mimi but the user name Mimi was already taken. She had been with me caching many times, and even found several before me, but seen no need to log her finds. When she got back she signed up and has 18 caches. Last and the final two are our twins Lael and Caeden, yes they are a girl and a boy, laelbell and mr cia man. Their Dad wtwalden signed them up. They have no caches logged but have gone with us on others. Since they did participate in some of the others I would be tempted to give them credit for some finds, but that's up to their Dad. To see our stats page click on the following link http://lindleyonline.com/geocache/geocaching.htm I did not mean for this to go on this long, but no proud grandparent would let an oppritunity pass to show you a picture of his grandkids so here they are.

Chace 9, Madeline 7, Mallory 5, Lael 2, and Caeden 2.


Tell us about the geocachers in your family.

Thanks, Mick

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I am the avid cacher in my family.


My husband really tried to get into it but he's not. Sometimes if we are going to a difficult cache (a hard puzzle cache or one in the middle of nowhere), he will tag along. But for the most part, he just goes golfing with his friends when I go caching. :lol:

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Just me and my wife. Our daughter isn't interested. Having just turned 15, she isn't interested in anything that we do. But my 4 year old nephew told me not long ago that he "wants to be a geocacher when he grows up". I told him he'd better find a rich wife then.

Yep! I'm still lookin' for a rich woman who's too proud to have her husband work.



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My 9 year old daughter enjoys geocaching with me. My 13 year old daughter doesn't - "I don't do nature" is how she explains it. My wife doesn't like it either, and doesn't like when the girls bring home items they traded for - "You don't know where that's been!".


I've also introduced a brother, brother-in-law, neice, and nephew to the game. They enjoyed it but as far as I know none of them have continued to play.

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My wife, forcibly, and my 3-year-old daughter, unwittingly. I don't know about my son; he's only a couple days old and the bloodwork isn't back yet to tell us if he's a cacher.


My dad sometimes caches with me and has done a couple out-of-state on his own. He's turned a couple of his cousins onto it. I took several cousins out on Christmas Eve last year and some of them have done a few on their own since. But my sister-in-law is the most avid of my relatives about it. She and her husband had done a few really fun ones with me over the past year or two, and we finally got her her own GPS this summer.

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I took my daughter Megan with me on my first hunt, she now has her own account. I got my brother-in-law hooked and his whole family now goes (sometimes his wife will pick him up at work and say, "THERE'S A NEW CACHE IN TOWN!!! LET'S GO!!!!). My sister and niece are interested in getting into it, but we'll have to wait until my GREAT nephew is born before we can all go.


Other than that...my cousin John has gone a bit and my cousin Brenda and her husband were caching before I was. Wow....that's quite a few.



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Well, I started this mess with my family. I found it and thought that it would be great to do with my son (WT), so I had the excuse finally to get a receiver. I then got my cousins Jug & Roon involved. They are quite the chasers now, finding many more than I have even though I have more than a year on them. I have also gotten my mom (Ms Marily) involved (got her a Gecko for her birthday), though I expect she will do only a few here and there. There aren't many caches out in her part of the woods. I have another friend HazelEyes that is getting to be pretty active. I have taken a couple of people out as well, but so far they haven't really picked up on it, though I am working on one person at work. I figure that I am responsible for Garmin selling 7 receivers and am still waiting for my royalty check :rolleyes:

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I do most of my caching on my own :rolleyes:. I provides an excuse to get outside and hike in new places. My 6 yr old likes it very much for about 2 or three caches per trip. My wife would rather have her teeth extracted :ph34r: and my 10 yr old thinks it's fun for one or two caches at the most, but only if there is nothing else to do :unsure: .

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I heard about geocaching from my brother first, who found it while surfing the web. I thought it sounded cool, took the initiative, bought an eTrex Vista on ebay and brought it back home during a vacation to where most of my family lives. Hunted my first cache with my brother (now "crusaders"), then brought the parents (now "onamission") and my brother's wife on another hunt. Easily hooked all of them who bought GPSs and proceeded to out-cache me for a number of months.


I knew I liked caching, but wasn't yet comfortable going alone at that time, plus I didnt know much about NYC/NJ as far as how to get about. The only times I would cache were when I went back home to visit, so the first year of my caching career saw only about 15 finds. Then the bug suddenly hit me and I started avidly caching on my own, which I do about 95% of the time nowadays. To date, I've taken both of my brothers (both like it, only the one is avid), and my sister and bro-in-law (sister likes it, but not avid, bro-in-law doesn't quite get it), and the parents.


My parents (mostly dad) are now extremely hooked, have about 650 finds which is quite a bit more than me. Then again they're now retired and have lots of time! I think its great, glad I could provide my family with a healthy, fun hobby. What a present that is :rolleyes:

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On Monday, I drove over to where some of the family is vacationing. We had ten on the trail.

Just about a year ago FroggieT (sister) and Rawhide1 (dad) drove over to my place and we dnf'd my first cache. Then we found a couple, and dnf'd the last.

Then BugNV and FroggieT and Bigshoot and Butterfly3 took me out. We also had Trevilix (niece & family) on Monday. Trevilix's mom & pop went out for the first time on Monday, and sis is not outdoorsy, but CPACIA (?) seemed to have a good time, and he is planning a corporate geocaching event. I didn't get quite all the names in here, we even have one member out in California...that's some foreign country. :rolleyes:

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My wife occasionally accompanies me when there's a nice location or hike ahead. ...or when we're traveling together. B) I got my father hooked up by buying him a GPSr for his 60th birthday. He's found most of his caches by himelf, but sometimes we team up and go find some caches together.

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I've drug my father out, I've drug my mother out, I've drug my best friend out (I consider her family), my father's girlfriend wants to try it once, I'm trying to get my sister involved so her step-sons will get off their asses and quit playing video games all the time, but as of right now, I'm the only one that will pick up a GPSr and go. They all need poked and prodded.

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I have taken my wife and a niece(11) that visits during the summers. and those 2 plus my brother in law, his wife their son(15) and 2 nephews(5 and 7)(my sisters). The wife talks about it to a lot of family, but isn't real enthused, the niece thought it was ok the BIL and family enjoyed and am waiting to hear that they are doing more. The biggest fun was the 2 nephews on the caches we did and watching their eyes as they looked at all the swag and had to trade. waiting to see if any of them go with again as the niece is back home in SD the nephews are back home in SC the BIL and family are back in the DC area and I am here in the triangle area of NC.

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Hi all,

So far team Terrere is Paul,Patti,Cody,Mason,Luke,Lin,Sarah,Lynn,Kyle,John and still growing lotta the parente are shipping the kids out with me to get them out into the woods for some exercise and I always say more eyes can only help! B)


Team Terrere B)


Have fun and keep it clean!!

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Really, just me... Our family was very couch-potato, computer-geek types before I became a 'cubdenmom' in an effort to get my son out of the house sometimes, but alas, 4 years of being a den leader only got ME better at liking the outdoors! The kidlet and hubby like the verrry occasional reasonably urban caches (and to his credit, on our way home from a quick trip to Lake Geneva last week, the hubby was the one that insisted on going out of our way to drop off a TB in a Wisconsin cache!), but for the most part, it's just me.


Hence, I can't WAIT for school to start, so I have some ME time to cache with abandon! :ph34r:) I had a 4 hour taste of it today (when my son was off at a b-day party), got to finally snag a long-struggled-with multi as well as a few others, and I'm back in gear!

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Our team is Dad, Mom, and kids ages 10, 8, 6,3. We were initiated by my BIL, KCboom and his wife (my younger sister) Mrs. Boom, they cache with their kids ages 2 and 9 mo. While home visiting the family, my mom went out with us as did my older sister and 3 of her 5 kids. Her husband and oldest 2 went on a cache hunt with KC Boom last Dec.


On the other side, my husband's brother, wife and 3 kids have hit a few caches. They enjoy it but also spend a lot of time fishing and boating. So I guess our extended family count is 23. Not bad but we can do better! :ph34r:


Edited to update count!

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My brother got me interested. We live in different parts of the country though, so I'm trying to figure it out on my own. I'm not clever with navigation and was apparently born to validate the concept hiding in plain sight. There's a local park micro with a one-star rating and an unbroken string of 'easy' and 'my toddler found it' finds that I'm going to give one more shot at before I log it as a DNF. Gah.

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OzGuff -- 40 yo (701 finds, 100 hides; North Carolina)

OzMeg -- 10 yo daughter (133 finds; North Carolina)

Tahu -- 7 yo son (113 finds; North Carolina)

Flowerdoc -- 60+ yo father-in-law (60 finds, 4 hides; Illinois)

Rav 4 Raiders -- 38 yo sister, 38 yo brother-in-law, 17 yo nephew (326 finds, 23 hides; South Australia, Australia)

Paradise Found -- 64 yo father (4 finds; Queensland, Australia)

Toyota Trekkers -- 62 yo mother and her 54 yo husband (2 finds, 1 hide; New South Wales, Australia)

Nathannah -- 40 yo sister-in-law (43 finds; Illinois)

HannahBanana -- 10 yo niece (24 finds; Illinois)


All of the above were roped into geocacahing through me. And there are a few more Aussie relatives that are seriously thinking about purchasing GPS units. What a great activity that can be shared by family and friends of all ages and abilities! :o

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I'm the only one in the family with the caching gene. :o Maybe I was adopted? I visited my sister and her husband in southern WA state last month and begged them to take me to the Original Stash in OR. They complied, but they were obviously not very enthused.

And now my caching partner is getting ready to move out of the area. I'm all alone in the caching world.

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If the terrain rating isn't too bad, my 2 1/2 year old son and wife will accompany me. I just try to pick ones that I don't think they'll be too miserable at (and that I won't be giving more than a mile of piggy-back rides :P ). Other than that, I'm usually alone.


On the rare occasion that my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law visit from IL they like to do a few caches with me too.

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Three days after we began geocaching we invited our daugher and her then fiance to come geocaching with us on a snowy, very cold night. The goal was a night cache and a nearby micro cache as well. Dale had his 5 year old step son with him that evening so on Dec. 29, 2002 at 8:30PM we piled in the car and headed out.


After MUCH searching we found both caches and the rest is history. That very night they became "Finding Fraggle Rock" and within a week had a GPS. To this day we cache together every chance we get. It's become a real family thing!

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Tiffany has inducted her whole family into the sport. The main cachers are the Head Slave and the Chief Assistant but there are also a total of four junior slaves ranging in age from 11 to 19. All have cached on at least one occasion but only the younger two junior slaves seem to be very interested.



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