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Caching During A Hurricane? Good Or Bad Idea?

Lehigh Mafia

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Ok, I wanna know what everyone out there thinks about this..

I see this (the hurricane) as a "MAJOR" advantage, here is why.. :P


Here are our top 10 reasons...


1--NO TOLLS!!! (going or coming from Cape Coral to Fort Myers...)

2--Minium Muggles.. (There all at home watching the news..)

3--Very Little Traffic.. (So you can get to & from as many caches as possible..)

4--Wind uncovers those caches hidden by palmetto branches..

5--Rain & Wind keeps those Skeeters at bay..

6--No need to hide GPS from muggles.. (no one is around anyways..)

7--No need to think of lame excuse's of why your poking in & out of the bushes..

8--With all that wind you dont work up a sweat..

9--Cops are busy keeping people off the islands, so they cant respond to those call for people poking in & outta the woods..

10--The wind helps push your car so you save on gas..


Ok,, Now tell us what you think.. :mad:


PS... I am off work tomorrow... :lol:

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Will it be a full hurricane or just a tropical storm?


I was lucky/stupid enough to be FTF on this cache in about as bad a storm as we get in Sacramento. We get mild storms here - no hurricanes or tornados, even lightning is rare, just high wind and drenching rain. To be honest it was great fun to be out caching in the weather. But... I've lived in hurricane/tornado/lightning country - y'all be careful (which usually means staying safe indoors)!

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As long as your house it tied down first, it should be ok.

I use the following as reference that was published in a local paper many years ago:


What To Do If a Hurricane Comes

Detailed Instructions on What Action to Take If All the Dogs Start Barking


September is hurricane season on the East End. If you are a visitor here, XXXXXX' s Papers would like, as a public service, to present the following guide to what to do in the event you encounter one.


1. Usually, there is a lot of warning if a hurricane is about to hit the area. Even before the weather forecasters notice the storm swirling in the ocean, the dogs of the East End commence an uncontrolled period of barking. If you hear dogs barking everywhere, begin to take the actions noted below to protect your possessions and your family.


2. You will need to tie your house down. Go to any hardware store and get twenty spools of 1,000 feet nylon rope, 500 pound strength. Also get a sledge hammer and 200 steel tent stakes. Make sure you get nylon rope. Sometimes when nylon is out of stock, (there is a run on this stuff when the dogs start barking) unscrupulous hardware store owners, noting that you are a visitor, will try to sell you thick clothesline rope, telling you it has the same strength as nylon. It doesn't. Don't learn the hard way.


2a. The best way to wrap your house, a method used by locals for years, is to go over the roof north to south first, go in through a south facing basement window, then out a north facing basement window, then turn the rope ninety degrees and wrap the house east to west. (Hurricanes usually come from the southwest, so you are going with the flow.) Do this ten times. End it with a bowline halfhitch floozle knot tied to a tent stake hammered four feet into the ground.


2b. As you can see from just driving around, no local has ever had a house blown away. They are all still here. It is because they adhere specifically to this procedure.


There are actually another 20 or so points listed after this.


-Poppa Duck

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Hope everyone living in that area is OK, and that at least a few caches made it through that storm--and if you are going out caching near North Fort Meyers will ya go check on my father for me, please? (No telephone working???)

Things are starting to calm down here in Lee County.. I ended up getting locked in at work, was released at midnight Saturday.. Driving home in the dark (only had headlights) was a new experience.. I still have no been out since then.. We have been under curfew (dust til dawn).. Anyways.. Just to let you know.. My father lives in North Fort Myers, his phone is back on.. Not sure about electric.. Our electric (in Lehigh Acres) was restored about 3pm Saturday.. Other wise.. Things are getting back together slowly..


Lehigh Mafia

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10. Lots of good trade items passing by.

9. Guaranteed movement for Travel Bugs

8. Good chance to make evening news with rescue highlights.

7. National Guard units are very helpful and have the best GPSr's.

6. No problems with park entrance fee once guard shack is blown down.

5. High winds tend to blow the cheap swag out of the box.

4. Caching partners have no place else to go once you get them into the woods.

3. Overheating and dehydration problems are non-existent.

2. Warning sirens serve as handy beacons to get out of deep woods.

1. All the best micros are in the shelters.

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