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Barrie, Ontario

Niss Feiner

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I am also here in Barrie, and reletively new to geocaching. I am going to do a little planning, and see if I can't arrange to come along for the trek. Sounds like a blast. If I can make it, you are welcome to ride with me Niss.


*edit* I will be going, and my uncle will come as well. Send me an email Niss, and I will arrange for transport.

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If there is anyone that is interested in being part of a semi-organized central ontario (barrie and area) geocaching community, please email me at dan@1shoppingcart.com


Preliminary interest seems to be good! looking for ideas and thoughts from everyone!


Edit: to change the email link

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Hi Peoples,

We are in the process of setting up an Ontario Geocaching Association - OGA

You can check us out here:


OGA Homepage


I tried to figure out which region Barrie is in, but I don't see anything on the City of Barrie page. We don't have anthing on the OGA site that matches that area... or Huronia. It would be great to have someone represent your area in our group! If you are interested, please contact myself or Blue Quasar and please join us in our weekly Wed. night chats online at :

Golden Horseshoe Page


We'd love to have you down for our picnic in September too!


GHAGAFAP III - Third Time Lucky



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