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How Do Most Cachers Name Their Cache

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I think you've answered your own question. You place the cache, and the name comes to you. Sometimes the name comes beforehand, if you are creating a puzzle, or a cache with a theme, where the location is kind of besides the point, but otherwise, the cache is typically named after its locale.



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I named my first one "Women of Glory" after the momument that's located at the depot in honor of the women that helped during the Civil War. The second one "Please, Mr. Postman" in honor of the Georgia Senator that introduced the bill for free rural postal delivery.


The next one I'm planning on hiding will have a name that has something to do with the location.

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I'm planning another rural cache like my Row versus Wade (or Possibly Deliverance) in November. This one will be called Banjo Music aka Why is Daddy Crying?


I just hid a cache in a fissure and called it: A Claustrophobic's Nightmare or Just say "NO" to Crack.


I have a bunch of plastic Squid and Octopi for a theme cache to be called: Symptoms in Some Cephalopoda, Approximating Apoplexy.



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Sometimes my cache names describe the area, or something about it, sometimes they describe the hike, or caching experience and sometimes they have nothing whatsoever to do with anything.


Some cache names of mine that describe the area:


Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch - because its next to the Wildcat Ridge hawkwatch

Terrace Pond - because its next to Terrace Pond

Lord Stirling - Because its on Lord Stirling's former estate and in Lord Stirling Park.


Some cache names of mine that describe the caching experience:


Rocky Horror - a difficult scramble up a boulder field if you don't read your topo map.

Island in the Sun - A cache on an island in a reservoir

A Walk In The Park - which being a brutal walk through a nasty swamp is actually anything but...


Some that have nothing whatsoever to do with anything:


Fluffy Pink Bunnies - Because Keystone Approver used the name once and I thought it was great.

Moose Gills - Because ... well I dunno.

The Bird is the Word - because I was listening to the Ramones sing Surfin' Bird while I was filling out the cache page (And yes, I know the Trashmen did it first. Thanks to all those who pointed that out :rolleyes: ).

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These are mine, just a mix of everything.


(1.5/1.5) 9 May '04 Take A Right At The Fridge by Radman Version 3.0 (GCJDQB)

Michigan Yesterday*



(1.5/1.5) 1 Apr '04 MLT -- Pere Cheney by Radman Version 3.0 (GCJ2HF)

Michigan 01 Aug 04



(2/2.5) 28 Mar '04 The Tire Graveyard by Radman Version 3.0 (GCJ1EM)

Michigan 24 Jul 04



(1/1) 22 Mar '04 MLT -- North Star by Radman Version 3.0 (GCHZWX)

Michigan 24 Jul 04



(1/1) 2 Mar '04 MLT -- Pompeii by Radman Version 3.0 (GCHTY2)

Michigan 24 Jul 04



(1/1) 8 Feb '04 Woodland Park 2: Revenge of the Plundered Cache by Radman Version 3.0 (GCHN6Q)

Michigan 24 Jul 04



(1/1.5) 19 Jan '04 University Arms Travel Bug Hotel by Radman Version 3.0 (GCHHQZ)

Michigan 24 Jul 04




(1/1) 23 Jun '03 Michigan Firefighters Remembered by Radman Version 3.0 (GCGB72)

Michigan 26 Jul 04



(2/2) 10 May '03 Higgins-Houghton Lake Connection by Radman Version 2.0 (GCG3FF)

Michigan 31 Mar 04



(2/2.5) 23 Mar '03 Jailhouse Trail by Radman, Seven of Eight (GCEAD8)

Michigan 25 Mar 04



(2.5/2.5) 2 Mar '03 Radman's Stash by Radman Version 2.0 (GCDD78)

Michigan 18 May 03



(2.5/1.5) 2 Mar '03 Radman's Childhood Town by Radman Version 2.0 (GCG4Z8)

Michigan 31 Jul 04



(1.5/2.5) 12 Jan '03 MLT -- Eureka by Radman Version 2.0 & Bman2001 (GCC31D)

Michigan 31 Jul 04



(1.5/3) 12 Jan '03 Where the Eagles Perch by Radman Version 2.0 & Bman2001 (GCC319)

Michigan 15 Feb 04



(1.5/1.5) 13 Dec '02 Welcome To Ithaca! by Radman Version 2.0 (GCB440)

Michigan 18 Mar 03



(2/2) 25 Nov '02 The Wanda Randolph Memorial Cache by Radman Version 2.0 (GCAD7F)

Michigan 3 days ago*



(1/1.5) 25 Nov '02 Back in the Old Shack! (Ola Corners) by Radman Version 3.0 & Brandon Ester (GCAD4B)

Michigan 01 Aug 04



(1.5/2) 7 Oct '02 Woodland State Park by Radman Version 2.0 (GC98E5)

Michigan 14 Jul 03



(1.5/1.5) 8 Sep '02 The Eureka Hunting Club Cache by Radman Version 2.0 (GC8BD6)


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Most of ours are named after where they are (kind of). No one gets our stupid jokes anyway. :rolleyes:


The Princess Cache: located in Tierra Park


Luckier Loot: located in Horseshoe Park


A Walk Through the Rosas: located in Rosamond Park


Arapaho Lock'n'Lock: located in a park dedicated to the Cheyenne and Arapho nations


The Spam cache: the hiding spot reminded us of a can of spam


Fallen Heroes Cache: it is a near a fallen officers memorial at my job


Tollgate Treasue: located along Tollgate Creek


The International Cache: Part of the international cache exchange we did with DK-Kronberg


Release the Pressure: special container


Ode to David Lynch: special container


Ode to Wolfgang Petersen: special container

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For me, I usually don't know what the name on the cache page will be until I place the cache.


For instance:

- Oak View - great view - under a really big oak tree

- Across the Creek and Through the Woods (kinda obvious)


So how do you name your caches?



#1 - Under the little blue top ... the contained had a periwinkle blue lid.

#2 - The "Curiously Strong" Microcache ... the cache container is an Altoids gum tin.

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It all depends on the locale or what I find up there when I get there.

The Puma's red ribbon overlook, was named because of cat tracks near the cache.


And I had to change the name for the one I planted this weekend. Lil Tahosa was so pleased with himself that he made it up the hill and then he found one hell of a spot to find it. So it was called Lil Tahosa's Mountain Cache.


Then there is Bishops Staff, which is on Crosier Mtn.

The Grey Diamond Ghost Trail

Gliddens Wares

Hearty Cache for Hearty Cachers and so it goes.

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I try to be clever and think of names that no one else has used or will use, like Nearly Near a Mere Mere (one of the clues is to use a thesaurus), a micro called Petty Cache, which I'm sure someone would have used before me, but hadn't, and Not Too Much at Steak, a micro placed near a steak house (recently archived).


A descriptive name is fitting, but if I can make it fun by using a play on words, even better.

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I tend to use English names on most of my caches, although all of the hides are in Finland. That gives sometimes a good opportunity to crack some lame puns about them. Most, on the other hand, are just based on the place name or the history of the place.



Holy Moley! aka Divine's Birthday Cache

How hoch? - Geokätköilijät Weberin pisteellä


Don't Sweat!

Inflamed Navigation Primacy


Place name or history based:


Viikinsaari Micro

Lake Vihnusjärvi

The Stash of Ahvenisto Agronomist

Herralanvuolle aka Rapids Route 5

Vähä-Riutta aka Birgitta Trail 8

Pyynikki Ridge

The Grand Railway Station of Jokioinen


Jokioinen Estate

European IMC No.1 P - FIN - Hälläpyörä

European IMC No.1 S - FIN - Tohloppi?


The last two are the Finnish part of European International Multicache, hence the beginning of names. The latter part are about history and place name.


Name chosen by a fellow cacher:

Old Yard aka Rest Stop Humppila (based on the place name too)

If Mountains Could Sing ~ Jos vuoret laulaisivat

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Personally, I believe the best-named caches are the ones where the name doesn't make ANY sense ---- until you're there.

So that when you find the cache, or at least are at ground zero, you say "Wow!!! I get it now!!!"

One of mine -- "What the Honest Man Sees" --- I believe is one of those. It is at a statue of Lincoln (the Honest Man).

Another of mine --- "UnSubDivided" --- didn't have that same kind of feeling once you got there, but the name did come from the area. It was an area that had started to be developed but the person ran out of money. so there were roads and cul-de-sacs, but no houses, etc.


So, basically the name will sort of "come to you" as a vision at some point. Just be open to it. (oh, man! Did I sound like a hippy just then, or what???)

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I ususally have a name in mind before I hide the cache. Sometimes the location will inspire it-Alexander's Ragtime Cache is located at Alexander Square.

Others involve the contents-Keys to the Cache-l was made up of keychains I had retreived from found caches. Method to my Madness was supposed to go to the Method Road Park. When I went to place it I didn't like any of the spots I had previously looked at, so it went elsewhere, but the special container still fit the name.

I have also hidden some urban micros inspired by visits to Nashvlle.

They are called the Music City Audition Series,and each name represents something nearby or musical.

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Some folks like to have all their caches follow a theme with the cache names. Think of it as "branding." My current caches are listed below. When people see "Elves" in the title, they immediately recognize it as a Leprechauns cache. It is fun coming up with the name. Sometimes the name comes first, sometimes it is suggested by the location once I've placed the cache, and sometimes it just pops into my head.


Elves on the Riverfront

The Elves Tour the World's Shortest Nature Trail

Elves in the Forest

Revenge of the Elves

Elves in the Heights

The Elves Launch a Rocket to the Moon

Elves Been Workin' on the Trail Road

Unchained Elves: The Keychain Cache

Elves in the Fast Lane

The Elves are Easily Bribed

The Elves are Easily Overlooked

The Elves Magnify a Microcache

The Elves are Inclined to be Evil

Elves in the Vortex

The Elves Go Directly to Jail

The Elves Ride an Appaloosa

The Elves Tree a Raccoon

Eeny Meenie Miney Elves

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Currently, I have one cache hidden. It's called Anderson's Last Stash. The cache is hidden near a historically signifigant cave, and the cache has the whole backstory of the area in it. It's a really interesting read.


I'm about to hide another one on an old abandoned road. I can't decide if I want to make it a multi and write the coordinates on an old traffic cone or something, if I did, I might call it "Pile on the Pylon" or something like that. Or if I don't do that I might name it "Road Closed"


Another cache I might be placing soon is in a place called Townsend Park. The park currently has one other cache called "Heart Attack at Sunrise." If and when I get around to placing the cache, I have a few ideas for a name, all of which are a spoof of the park or the other cache. "End of Town Cache" "Not Quite a Heart Attack at Sunrise" "Don't Give Yourself a Heart Attack" and/or "A Heart Friendly Hike"

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Most of mine are common phrases that can relate to the hide. I usually do a search to see whether any caches already exist with the same name.


Hop To It - a multi with each part on a separate island in a small lake (island hopping)


Higher Education - located on a college campus, though there may be other meanings as well


Beside the Point - on the side of a steep hill known as Pinnacle Point. I searched for a lot of phrases with "point" in them and decided this was the best.


N42...Something Something Something - memory loss theme


A good name can get me a lot more interested in a cache, especially if it makes the cache hunt sound like a larger experience. This may also be silly, but I generally don't like seeing the words "cache" or "stash" in the name. I do like when the title is a subtle hint, or even just doesn't make sense until you're there.

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1) describes the cache contents: for love or for money, loonie twones

2) describes the theme: flowers for your mom, take it back, angel box

3) describes the location: rocks, snowflake

4) is a hint: hiding places, tractor beam

5) suggests fun activities AT the cache: fleetwood arts center, wigwig and homer

f) contains some strange irony that only people who have found it might understand: nope. not telling.

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I take something out of the area it's in and make it creative.


For example:


Soon I'm placing a cache called 'Castle in the Pines', located in Castle Rock Park, hidden inside a pine cone hanging in a pine tree.


'Robin's Hood' is going to be another cache hidden in a tree, inside a fake (but very real looking) bird nest complete with small (fake) robin eggs.


'Alkaline' will be placed along a marked trail in the Alkali Creek Nature Trail area just down the road from me.


I think it's certainly a better way to name caches than constantly using generic names like 'Castle Rock Park Geocache' or 'Alkali Creek Nature Trail Cache'. But that's just me. ;)

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My cache names come from a variety of methods. Most often its the location or what I wish to draw attention to that helps create the name. Original Deacon, Forbidden Tower. Other times I've had the cache name in mind and sought a suitable place to make it fit. 'Tis the Season, Earth Wind Fire Water. Ocassionally, I've used the cache name as a clue. Secret of the Rainbow, Paint the Town

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I just go with something that's clever that fits me too..


The Bell Jar is named for two reasons. The name originally came to my head because one of my favorite poets, Sylvia Plath, has a book by the name and for some reason, it popped into my head while placing my cache. The name is appropriate, though, because you're looking for a screw-top plastic JAR off of BELL road.


Tiptoe Through The Tulips is thus named because in order to get it, you have to manage not to step on my tulips if they're in season.



My next cache hide, however, I did ask for ideas on here. I haven't decided which ones I'm going with, though.

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Personally, I believe the best-named caches are the ones where the name doesn't make ANY sense ---- until you're there.

That's the case with all of mine, really:


Poohsticks Bridge - When my kids were little, we would walk down to this bridge and play Poohsticks. It's a multi, and you have to cross the bridge to get to the second stage.


Reinventing the Abbotts - no, it isn't a play on the movie "Inventing the Abbotts," though I did use that title for inspiration when naming this cache. It is located near Abbott Cemetery, and you have to find out some information both on the internet and at the cemetery itself before you will know the final coordinates of the cache.


Cross My Heart - this one is a micro located in the cemetery where my father-in-law was buried last year, and we placed it in his memory. There is a large white cross near the cache location, and he is very dear to our hearts, so...


You're Welcome! - this one is a direct reference to the cache location, which is in Welcome Park.

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We had a cache that we had no idea what to name it so we called it "FTF Gets to Name This Cache!" So the FTFer named it Jillybean after his daughter and so we renamed it. Sometimes our kids are with us so we have one called Sodor Bridge (I warn people it's not a hint. Just a Thomas the Tank Engine name) and Flower Cache.

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We had a cache that we had no idea what to name it so we called it "FTF Gets to Name This Cache!" So the FTFer named it Jillybean after his daughter and so we renamed it. Sometimes our kids are with us so we have one called Sodor Bridge (I warn people it's not a hint. Just a Thomas the Tank Engine name) and Flower Cache.


I did that once. FTF named the cache. The resultant name was "Fermi's Paradox" A far better name than I could have come up with.


If I'm at a loss for a name sometimes I'll go to my iTunes library, put it on shuffle and pick the first song name that comes up.

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We had a cache that we had no idea what to name it so we called it "FTF Gets to Name This Cache!" So the FTFer named it Jillybean after his daughter and so we renamed it. Sometimes our kids are with us so we have one called Sodor Bridge (I warn people it's not a hint. Just a Thomas the Tank Engine name) and Flower Cache.


I did that once. FTF named the cache. The resultant name was "Fermi's Paradox" A far better name than I could have come up with.


If I'm at a loss for a name sometimes I'll go to my iTunes library, put it on shuffle and pick the first song name that comes up.

I like puns, or what I would name the location, or a hint if it's a 3 star (Molly Malone for a shell cache. Lyrics mention different types of shells. I didn't want to be too obvious and say she sells seashells by the seashore).

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I like to name them based on a twist about the location. Not always too creative, but I have one hidden in "Century Bank Park", that I named "Cache of the Century". I have another one named "Don't feed the Bears" located close to Blackbear Creek. Another is hidden in a tiny town called Kremlin, so I named the cache "from Russia with love".


I like to find caches named like that. Once you find it, you go..."Ohhhh, I get it." I have found that most cache hiders are pretty creative.

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I usually try to name my caches based on a theme or a play on words related to the location. I named one of my caches as the punch line for a local joke. The town in which I live won some magazines annual pole as "the most enlightened city in America" on a couple of occasions. Just outside the city limits is a small hamlet called Varna. The jokes goes, "Why is Ithaca the most enlightened city in America?" and the answer is "It's near Varna". The name of my cache is "Near Varna" and from the cache location one can see the hamlet of Varna sign about 300' away.

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There's a local geocacher who created a series of very difficult urban hides. They are named things like "Somewhere in Los Altos", "Somewhere in Mountain View", or "Somewhere in the Park", and are referred to as his "Somewhere series".


50sumtin did a series of 'Been here' caches, placed where he worked at various jobs.


He was just starting on 'Boldly going nowhere' when be suddenly passed away.

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I have learned that if I do not have a name in mind before I place a cache, it probably should not be placed.


For awhile I went with mythic themes: Leah and Isis Walk Together; Faunus Crosses the Rubicon, Icarus Touches the Wind.


Then there were adventure themes: The Lost Treasure of Williams Gulch; Tintin and the White Island; The Pirates of Bat Rock Cove


Some more poetic themes emerged: Footsteps of the Dawn; Cascading Dreams of Infinite Canyons; Ridges and Ocean Without End


The Sherwood Forest fire road was easy: Friar Tuck Throws a Party; Little John and the Greenwood Incident; Maid Marion Comes Out of the Woods; Robin's 777th Escapade.


Some of my caches incorporate various recurring characters - The 10th Baron, Roy, Bud Flout, or Minnesota Smith. So titles are based upon these: The Mystery of Roy's Cow; Neither Roy nor the Baron Slept Here; The Return of the 10th Baron; Roy's Big Date; the 10th Baron Disguises Himself as Roy; Bud Flout's Guide to Big Feet


Some are mundane names based upon the place: Music Camp; Shakedown Street; Bastille by the Bay; Masada; Tatanka-Iyotanka.


But if I can't think of anything else, darts provides an inspiration: Fairfax Power Company (for Phil the Power Taylor) or Wizardry (for Simon the Wizard Whitlock). In fact tribute caches are always easy to name: Chip of the Old Blocked Hex (combining caches names done by a local cacher); Expectations (a poem by the poet laureate who lives down the street); Kabbaba and the Two Moons (my favorite singer-songwriter).


A friend has some great names: Ichabod Crane's Bun in the Oven; Whine of the Non-Geocaching Spouse; Roy Becomes a Buddhist. Give me a good title and I will be there to look for it.

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