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Be Careful In Perry County, Pa

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This is actually interesting and useful information. For those who may not know...Perry County is the only county in PA without a red light. That makes a good PA trivia question...and it also speaks to the odd remoteness of the area...being that Perry (prounced "purry" by the locals) County is just north of Harrisburg. There are many caches within the county and nearby as well. Its one of my favorite areas to cache when I'm looking for someplace different.


The guy could easily have slipped out of the area, however, he could also hole up in those ridges for a very long time. Keep your eyes peeled.



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Now I know why you left so soon from our great weekend of caching, you had to get home in time for America's Most Wanted... I recommend TiVo... :lol:

Oh man! How did you guess?


And by the way...would you care to explain why your face was on that last episode? :ph34r:


We all told you to stay away from those cheerleaders. :lol:

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