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Oh No! Not Another Group Hike

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We are in.....date pending......maybe we will bring the kids this time around.  Set a date and hopefully we can make it.  Is this going to be an event??  <_<

Can't be. This is from the GC.COM event cache guidelines.


In addition, an event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized hunt of another cache or caches. Such group hunts are best organized using the forums or an email distribution list.

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I could make it a picnic event with a Star Wars theme... :P

But then you guys would be chasing eachother around in the woods with red and blue painted mops... <_<


We shall have to see, the last picnic I organized went off pretty well... have to consult the Mrs. It would involve lots more gathering and not a group hike.


Ancient Civilizations theme could be cool... the Aztec Adventure... but no showing up in ceremonial headdresses! And definately no sacrifices! They get messy! :huh:


Hi Ho Silver Away!!!

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