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newbie comes up empty


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new at this, take pity on slightly aging luddite. I read about g-caching and took coords from article and headed for local cache. (didn't go to website--I don't read instructions either). Instead of going to a 'waypoint', I just searched until my GPS coords matched theirs, exactly. three of us searched, found nothing. Checked descr. on web later, I'm convinced we were 1/2 to 1 mile off. My method was bass-ackwards, but why wouldn't it work?


2-website says coords are in mm.mm format. This cache and my unit were in mm.mmm format. Does this matter?


3-Do you have to download waypoints/caches, or can you manually put them in GPS?


4-My Magellan 320 says REV 2.02 at start-up. Would I benefit from a newer version?


5-Is there a negative correlation between age and figuring this shstuff out?

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1) I always print out the cache page of the cache I'm looking for

2) You got to realize that GPS setups are not 100% accurate. You may be 30 feet off. Now considering there GPS may also be 30 feet. You get what I mean

3) As far as the Magellan I do not know

4) Try hooking up with someone in your area for the first couple of times

5) You can download them into your GPS or manually input them. I find doing multiple caches in a day downloading them is easier



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1- Read the cache description on Geocaching.com. Quite often it will give you pointers as to the location of the cache.

2- After you have completed a few caches you will get an idea of where they are likely to be hidden. Think about what plants or what cover is likely to be there all year round (I suppose this applies to rural areas).

3- What website are these caches on? The co-ordinates on Geocaching.com are in WGS84 Format which is N (or)S xx° xx.xxx W (or)E xxx° xx.xxx. I have made the mistake once putting in a waypoint on my GPSr when the format on the GPSr was wrong. This gave me a location about .75 of a mile out. I guess that is what you did. Set up your GPSr to accept the correct waypoint format before entering the waypoint. You will have to refer to your manual for this as I own a Garmin so cannot help.


4- The version of the GPS firmware (2.02) should not make a difference. Updated versions usually fix bugs. It is unlikely that a bug would cause such a large error.


5- I find that the older I get the less likely I am to read the manual ;-). If you are capable of placing a note in a forum I am sure you can figure it out.


In summary- Print out the Cache page and take it with you, make sure your GPS is set up for the correct wapoint format and try again.


Good Luck




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I think you didn't have enough of the coords to get you near enough to the cache location. if you just had mm.mm and didn't have that last digit you would have quite a wide area to search.


If you search this forum you'll find lots of good hints for newbies. But I think one of the best suggestions is to always check the website before you head out. Print out the page so you have the description and hints with you. This also lets you know if anyone has posted a no find to it recently.


I'd also suggest checking out the local forum for your area of the country/world. You might find someone in your area who would be willing to go on a couple of hunts with you to show you the tricks.


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MAke sure it is in DD MM.MMM, to check or change it hit menu, go to setup, then cord system. Once there hit lat/long and make sure it is right. I not sure if 2.02 alows DD MM.MMM it might just be DD MM.MM . If you have access to the cable a update is well worth it. Some things that you may notice with it are the ability to zoom in if you hit the enter button on the plot screen, the distance will count down to feet once you hit .1 miles, and you can walk slower than 2.5 mph (only .5 now) to make it work properly. There is some other changes too, but they are less noticable.


Wyatt W.


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Don't keep me in suspense!!! What do you mean you are a luddite?



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Luddism n.


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Lud"dite, n. One of a number of riotous persons in England, who for six years (1811-17) tried to prevent the use of labor-saving machinery by breaking it, burning factories, etc.; -- so called from Ned Lud, a half-witted man who some years previously had broken stocking frames. --J. & H. Smith. H. Martineau.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.




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reply from gardyloo--


thanks for the help, all. I was not set up in WGS84 for starters, likely the main problem. Will take it from there, get back out in the trenches.


Majicman--you kind of answered your own question--a luddite is 'one who opposes technological change', or commonly today, one who ain't up on the curve when it comes to modern-day machines--computers, GPS's, etc. I understand there is a Luddite website--talk about oxymorons!!

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