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60cs, Quest, Or Meri Color Traveler Pack

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I need help I'm torn between these 3 units. I had already purchased the Meri-color travler pack. When i got it i noticed the screen had a refresh rate problem. I sent the whole package back and will be getting the new one Tuesday. My question is after reading more of these posts i think i may be happier with one of the other units below. Some of the pros and cons i have already read about and i was wondering if there were anymore. First Here is what I plan to use my gps for.


50% Travel/Directions

50% Geocaching/Recreation



Meri-color Traveler Pros:

Cheaper with More accessories, Have read many posts that claim the Meridians have better reception under tree cover than the Garmin Units, Expandable Memory.


Meri-color Traveler Cons:

For a color screen not that great.



60cs Pros:

Much much better color screen than Meri. Dedicated Geocaching page.


60cs Cons:

Cost, Memory Not Expandable, Have to order almost all Maps & Accessories at additional cost.



Quest Pros:

Bigger Screen, Cost is high but at least includes a Detailed Maps for the US. So is comparable in price to the 60cs(With Mapping Software), Memory May not be expandable but has 115Mb Internal Memory.


Quest Cons:

Is this GPS ok for caching and does it have a dedicated caching page like the 60cs?


Please list any and all pros and cons you believe each of these units have.

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Cons for the Quest:


1. Internal, non-user replaceable(AFAIK) Li-ion battery. It won't take AA's so take that into consideration. Battery life is rated 20 hours, after which you'll need to recharge in your vehicle.


2. Unknown (but likely not considering it's intended use of vehicle navigation) if the display is rotatable 90 degrees for a vertical screen orientation like the GPS V is. I'd think it would be kind of awkward (but not impossible) to geocache with this unit while holding it horizontally.


3. Likely has no dedicated geocaching mode (again, because of it's intended use).


I'm looking forward to purchasing the Quest, but only because geocaching is not high on my priority list


Have you looked at the new GPSMAP 76C(CS) units? These have all the features of the 60C(CS) along with the memory size of the Quest. As with the 60C(CS), maps will have to be puchased also.

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There are a few things i don't care for on the 76cs one the screen seems smaller than the 60cs and cost is high without any map software only the basemap, and i prefer the buttons on the bottom not the top of the gps (just personal preference).


So if there is no dedicated caching section on the Quest it comes down to the the 60cs and the Meri-color traveler.


60cs = better color screen and dedicated caching section.


Meri-Color = cheaper, still color screen, expandable memory.


Decisions Decisions!!!!!


Someone Flip A Coin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you had to add another gps to my already tough decision...


You might want to take a good look at the new eTrex Legend C and eTrex Vista C models as well. They have a little less map memory than the 60/76CS as well as a bit smaller screen, but they're totally awesome color units. They're the size of a cell phone and they have all of the power of the bigger units.


I have a 60CS and a Vista C, and for the most part, I prefer my Vista C over my 60CS due to its smaller size and the ease of use of the cool little click stick.

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That one is an easy no for these reasons, Little memory (I know i use at minimum 34 MB at least on the Meri-Color) I travel all over the the state of Ohio so of course i need the whole state in memory because i never know where i'll have to go from one to the next, If the screen is smaller then that is also a big negative. I need to be able to use for travel and caching. Since i travel all over Ohio i want to cache all over ohio as well.


Thanks for the suggestion though :huh:

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Well here's my 2 cents: I spent about a month and a half trying to decide between the 60cs and 76cs, and after going to the store and holding them both, the 76cs does feel larger in the hand despite the dimensions being almost identical to the 60cs. Granted, the 60cs when held in the hand almost feels like an extension, but the 76 if you hold it with your thumb on the rocker switch and your other 4 fingers wrapping around the unit it feels just fine. If you are going to be using it for in car navigation like me (I'm probably going to be using it the same amount as you for the same things) I can't see passing up 2x the memory of the 60cs. Also when holding it, the buttons being at the top really aren't a problem, the only little thing is that when I reach all the way across the unit from right to left to say hit the power or quit button my thumb covers the very top right corner for a split second, nothing major to interfere with what you are doing. My 76cs should be arriving any minute now via UPS, its been on the truck out for delivery since 7:21 AM (i'm assuming eastern, which means 6:21 for me, and its 11:09 now) and I have no regrets.


Bottom line: If you can, go hold the 60cs and 76cs, if the size and shape of the 76cs doesn't bother you that much, with 2x the memory, that is the only way to fly <_<


PS, if you do decide to go the 76 route, might I suggest getting an auto navigation kit? they can be had for about 150 bucks, comes with City Select, the portable beanbag mount, the auto mount, and the cigarette lighter cord.

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Ok so i am almost sold on the 76cs. I have another couple of questions though.


Does the Meridian Color really have better reception under tree cover than the Garmin 60cs or 76cs? This is important!


Or better yet what else is wrong with the Meri-Color other than the screen is not the greatest color screen out there?

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The whole performance under tree cover is a highly debatable topic, do a search on the forums and you'll find several threads about it. My suggestion is if it is that big of a deal what you can do (and what I plan on doing if I end up having trouble under tree cover with my 76cs) is get an external antenna and attach it to a backpack strap or put a large metal washer under your hat and use the magnetic forces to keep the antenna on top of your head. External antennas have a very low power draw (maybe 10 mA on average, can be as low as 5 mA or as high as 11 mA) and are, at least from what I have read, much more sensitive than the GPSr's antenna. I pre-purchased an external antenna as I am going to be using my 76cs in the car a lot and found a good one from www.gilsson.com, says it gets a 28dB gain. Might want to check it out! Other than that I haven't used Magellan products and have no way to compare the two, also there are rumors about Magellans not telling you when they lose a lock, instead plotting your track based on last known vector (speed+direction). I can't confirm or deny that, but hope the external antenna suggestion helps! By the way, the one I got was 19.49 plus shipping.

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I think you'll be more than happy with your choice. My 76CS arrived today and the first thing I did was attach the external antenna and take it outside so it could get a lock on it's new home. The following is NOT EXAGGERATED: 35 seconds from power up cold start (moved more than 600 miles) to get +/- 19 feet and acquire 8 or 9 sats! I'm in love with this thing! :ph34r: I've been playing with it all night and have yet to find something I don't like about it. Can't wait to take it out caching tomorrow and also test out its auto-routing skills. Keep us updated on what you choose and what you think of it after you get it!

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We have both the 60cs and the 76cs.  They are the same except for the memory and the physical form.  I'd get the 76cs over the 60cs, especially if you plan to use it in the car alot.  The Garmin 76cs cradle is much easier to get the GPSr in and out of than the one for the 60cs.

60C can be made easy to deal with in an automotive mount. It all depends on how you mount it.




The geocaching mode on the 60C isn't anything really all that special.

If that's all your hung up on, discard it.


My suggestion is if it is that big of a deal what you can do (and what I plan on doing if I end up having trouble under tree cover with my 76cs) is get an external antenna and attach it to a backpack strap or put a large metal washer under your hat and use the magnetic forces to keep the antenna on top of your head.


There was another guy in the forums who puts his remote antenna in a pocket in the inside crown of a tilley hat.




I also like where the buttons are on my 60C better than the 76.

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