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Cache Made Hash By Developers!

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What you will see in this photo is what is left of a 7.62 ammo can that tangled with a bulldozer yesterday (I hope the d@#$ thing at least burned a valve!). What really makes me mad is not that the developers tore up the land, because frankly, they are probably going to build the long-rumored playground for our homeowners assn. But they could have at least TOLD us they were going to do this, because up until now, they've been telling us that wetlands restrictions would PREVENT this property from being developed! This cache was less than 200 yards from my house, it would have taken me 90 seconds to retrieve it if I'd known they were coming.


To make matters worse, I found my 99th today, and might have found my 100th if I hadn't had to spend two hours sifting through dirt and splinters looking for anything salvagable. Managed to save one page of the log. Poor cache, my first hide, she was too young to die! :huh:

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my condolences on your loss. This happened to a cache in the middle of nowhere that I recently visited. There was nothing man made withing 5 miles of it except for road and a state owned rest stop. They tore up an area of about half a mile in every direction of the cache. I liked that cache too

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Whoa! Is that the film from the cache cam I see there? Looks like there won't be a phot of ol' Bitbrain posted for this cache. :huh:


This is a rough area on caches. Davewuzhere had one destroyed by bulldozer on the lot that is now home to the Horizen Travel Center.

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Our area is developing very rapidly, and I've seen many a cache get torn up by the bulldozers.


To be honest, though, after considering dust, increased traffic, dwindling local water resources, etc., losing a few caches falls a few rungs on my top list of development-related concerns. :huh:

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Picture of a cache we found in an area recently logged. Gathered up the parts and took them home. The owners had moved out of town, but some fellow cachers relayed the bad news. Only thing unscathed was the yellow wood pencil??? Go figure.

Same people had one up on a trail near (not in) a wilderness area, that we found animal shreaded and scattered for 50 yards. Ammo cans would do better but people swipe them around here.


Logged cache

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I feel for you! :D

I’m going thru it right now! :huh:

They already dozed my micro. :lol::huh:

I’m pulling the final stage out this week, till we see how much park is left after the golf course is built! Check out the logs on mine ! I already temp disabled it! :D

<a href=”http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=5f576856-464b-4f38-bdc5-56ba88d6dbb2”> GCGJ8Q </a></b><br>


I'm with you on that one, :huh: I'm standing on your left. SF1


OK : Can someone tell me why my hyperlink isn't working.

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i like nature and walking in the woods and such. but due to the housing development explosion around this area, theres just not much left in the way of woods anymore. as a matter of fact, sometimes really early in the morning, its not uncommon to see deer meandering across the parking lot towards the ditchline. yes, a cache may get destroyed, but whats worse, a destroyed cache or a freshly killed baby deer on the side of the road next to a set of apartments where there was once a woode area.


best regards,


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Yeah, developers suck.  They destroy what's beautiful and replace it with hideous split-level cookie cutter houses with absolutely no personality.

Don't forget, most of us live in houses built by developers.

Very true. In fact, I live in a house built by THIS SAME developer! I'm not so much angry that they dozed the land as I am that they did it without telling the homeowners, after they had told us they COULDN'T do it when we ASKED them to!


If they are going to build the playground we asked for, that's great, my kids will love it, and maybe there will be enough woods to rehide near the edge. But would it have taken more than five minutes to drop a postcard to the homeowners?


I'll leave this one open a few more hours then close it before I leave work today.


Thanks for the commiseration!

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Based on your original post, your Home Owners Association should have been the one to tell you. The contractor is working for them and I have no doubt they told the HOA when they intended to start.


Your HOA should of told everyone as a courtesy because construction causes dust, and noise while also blocking roads and increasing parking and traffic while it's going on.


HOA's vary in their professionalism. On average they are about as professional as your neighbors, or at least the ones nosy enough to want to be involved.

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Post the pic at some obscure URL that one has to decode clues to obtain and make it a....[what is it you call those things? not virts....]

I think you mean "locationless," but I think you gave me a better idea! <_<


I am also going to start a travel bug to honor my fallen firstborn, it will be a matchbox bulldozer with a great, big, friggin', SCREW right through the middle of it! :huh:

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