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Off-limit Areas In Nordic & Baltic Countries?

Reviewer Niatpac Nagrom
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Hi all!


While reviewing your caches, reviewers sometimes need to know if the cache is in illegal area. But it's difficult to know them, if your not local. So, please tell in this thread if you know some area where placing a geocache is prohibited.


Here's an example from Finland:


Strict Nature Reserves ("Luonnonpuisto" in Finnish) are off-limit areas.

Map of those parks can be found from here.


National Parks ("Kansallispuisto" in Finnish) instead allow placing caches.


Regards, Olli

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To be honest, I don't know if anyone has been in contact with authorities about allowing caches in Norway. What we call allemannsretten is strong, that means we all can use most of the countryside within a few limitations (don't make a camp fire may-sept, don't disturb animals and other quite reasonable rules).


I certainly hope we can keep on with our sport without authority regulations! The best way will be to behave in a way that don't offend anyone. As long as our caches are not concidered as trash, I think we are safe :smile:.

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Yes, I know that "all mens rights" exist in every Nordic country, and that usually there's no big problems with cache placements. But as I told above, for example those strict nature reserves are off-limit places in Finland, and it is generally not possible to move around in them without a written permit. Some strict nature reserves have a nature trail open to the public. Permission to visit places off the hiking trails is given only for scientific purposes. And you are not allowed to leave anything in those parks.


Private nature reserves in Finland are quite different and usually you can move around in them, but some of them have very similar restrictions than strict nature reserves.


So, it would be very usefull to let geocachers know about those off-limit places, and on the other hand we reviewers have to know about them also, to prevent caches like this: Desert Stash


Regards, Olli

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Just one more example:


So far there's no caches in National Park of Eastern Gulf of Finland, but some day there will, I'm 100% sure about that.

So, when placing a cache in that national park, you should keep in mind these restrictions:


I Landing and moving around is prohibited all year:

Vehkalahti: Jähi, Kivikartti, Pöysäri, Metsäharu, Rääntiö, Rääntiönhattu.


II Landing and moving around is prohibited 1.2.–15.8.:

Vehkalahti: Majakartti Virolahti: Hamara (luoto Huovarin itäpuolella), Korkiahuovari, Ryslät.

Kotka: Vaihkari, Vähä Eteläkari, Suuri Eteläkari, Luppi, Kalouri, Suuri-Lakka.

Pyhtää: Ormskär.


III Landing and moving around is prohibited 1.4.–15. 7.:

Virolahti: Kinnarinhelli, Pahaluoto, Väliluoto, Ulkoluoto, Puuluoto, Lamiluoto, Pisinlovinen.

Vehkalahti: Reiskeri, Väliharu, Lanskerinluoto, Muoskeri, Rivu, Vellinki, Ulkotammionluoto,Muurainluoto, Riukuluoto, Lassi, Matala, Somerluoto. Vinni, Pitkä Kiviluoto.

Kotka: Sunskerit, Itimmäinen Itäkari, Keskimmäincn Itäkari, Lounimmainen ltäkari, Kajaakarit, Sääveri, Läätti, Kaide, Askeri, Kolseli, Kolselin Matalamaa, Kolselin Pekko, Tervapöllö, Vähä-Lakka, Torni,

Pekko, Sunskeri, Reiskeri, Loukeenpöllö.

Pyhtää: Variskeri.


Practically above restrictions mean that all the above mentioned 59 islands are bad cache locations.


Regards, Olli

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There are different sorts of protected nature in Sweden. I don´t think there are any that you can´t visit, at lest during some part of the year. There are areas that you are not allowed to enter during certain periods called "Skyddsområden". There are loads of these areas (+1000) and I guess it's up to the cacheplacer to inform about the rules. Most often there are signs all around the area which you can´t miss.


You can read more about it here:



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Could anyone offer more information about Swedish restricted areas? I've found only few tidbits with Google like "Stockholm Archipelago; Kymmendö. Strindberg's Hemsö. Restricted area. Ask for permission at the police office"or "There is restricted areas in Gotland.", "Check restricted (military) areas on the map." etc.

Maybe you could ask FSB or the Russian Submarine Fleet. :o

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It would be rather difficult if not impossible to produce a listing of restricted areas in Sweden. I would also say it's not necessary. Some areas are restricted for the protection of animals, mostly birds and seals. Decisions about such restrictions are taken by the 21 county administrations so it would take some time to collect all the information. The areas are however marked on public maps and charts and in the real world. Usually, they are restricted only during the breeding season. The dates are given on the signs surrounding the area.


Then there are areas that are restricted for security reasons. These may be military installations or important civilian installations, e.g. for telecommunication. I suppose the authorities don't think it would be a great idea to produce a comprehensive list of all the sensitive installations in the country. Anyway, these areas are usually fenced off, so it's rather difficult to hide a cache there.


That thing about Kymmendö seems to be bulls***. It's not restricted according to the map. Some of the neigbouring islands are however, but I don't think we need to bother about that type of restriction. It was one of the areas that were accessible to Swedish citizens but not to others. They were marked off with huge signs in six languages, Swedish, English, German, French, Finnish and Russian. The EU didn't like that idea however, so the signs have disappeeared and the areas are open to all. It seems that they still exist however, although in some kind of sleeping state, ready to be activated in case of a crisis.

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Could anyone offer more information about Swedish restricted areas? I've found only few tidbits with Google like "Stockholm Archipelago; Kymmendö. Strindberg's Hemsö. Restricted area. Ask for permission at the police office"or "There is restricted areas in Gotland.", "Check restricted (military) areas on the map." etc.

Frankly, every time I see this topic at the top of the list do I sweat. <_<


I'm afraid that we will get this "moral-panic" that seems to spread from the US to Sweden right now, people are complaining about all kind of things and refer to the GC.com rules (that are, according to my opinion, very american rules...) all the times about everything.


I think the reason that you don't get any replies are the fact that we have an active non-GC.com forum in Sweden. Not too many Swedes here.

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