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Congrats To Killerb & Bo Breaking 100

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Congrats on the 100 Killer B!, but after meeting you and Bo, I think it's you that will have to work on keeping up! BTW, how did you train him to sniff out those ammo boxes?

As far as Cracker goes, I'm planning on placing a cache on his front doorstep, maybe he can get an FTF there!?!

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Hehehe....At this point, I'd settle for not getting huckled by KillerB or Blueeyes when we go out on a hunt... :ph34r:


I guess even I might be able to get an FTF, since I dont have to worry about Brogan getting it first, then....


Altho..... There IS the other half of that Devious Duo team that I will still have to worry about... :lol:

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