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Do People Sleep

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Since I work from home and my local Tesco is open 24 hours (well, it was, and it soon will be again. It's being renovated at the moment) I tend to keep odd hours. 3am bed time isn't unusual for me. I make a point of getting out in the sun (caching!) to make sure I don't look all pale and ill. And when I'm online where better to be than here? :huh:


Loved the House of Boo's website, btw.


SP ;)

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03:58 am

noticed choccymandm's post  - that explains a couple of things  B)


an editor's work is never done.....!


hang in there - soon be morning.

and if you're fed up there's always something to do in the mag!


best regards


ha-ha, reading the new bits in the mag was on my list of things to do tonight!!

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