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Nygo Picnic Event Aug 14 2004

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<_< The annual NYGO summer picnic is coming August 14th. :blink:


It's going to be an action packed day (and night) of caching events, food, fun, and prizes! You can check out the listing here NYGO Picnic [ GCJFQW ].


The picnic is being held at Chittenango Falls State Park. Just south of Syracuse NY. NYGO picked this park, as it is pretty centrally located to alot of the state, so we hope to see you there! There is a limited number of campsites left for that weekend. So make your reservations now.


If you are interested in numbers you could hit Auburn NY the next day and pick up a bunch of caches, and make a weekend of it! There are over 60 caches within 10 miles of the event! See everyone there.

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Avroair + plus wife are 90% sure we will be there. We just have to discuss lodging. Are you guys placing a bunch of caches in the area? Like 12-18? Cause it looks like only one there right now! :huh:

There will be 3 new caches that I know of (4 permanant in the park.) Plus there will be a bunch of event caches, and 2 different games to play.

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We are going to try and make the trip up from Long Island for this one. The two of us plan on bringing the two kiddies (ages 6 and 10) as well. As soon as we know for sure, we will post a note to the cache page. We'll let you know what we'll donate then.


Sounds like fun! :huh:

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Well, our plans changed yet again... :lol:


Looks like we'll be making it, for at least the day....May or may not camp on Sat nite, depending if there are sites left or not...


We'll be bringing a few burgers/rolls, and a couple dozen hots/rolls, as well as chips and a special dip.


I may be able to provide some charcoal/lighter fluid also.


I'll have at least one thing to donate for the raffle.


There will be two of us for sure....We may be bringing KillerB also...

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