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New Uk Record

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BK + SB have set a new record of COUNTYS cached in a day with 10


Congrats on what must have been a long day:D <_<


The list is:-


Nottinghamshire - Stanton Plaque 07:32

Lincolnshire - Woody's Stash 08:50

Rutland - Blighty - Rutland 10:36

Cambridgeshire - Copse 'n' Robbers 11:50

Essex - Howe Wood 13:10

Hertfordshire - Periwinckle on the Meridian 14:10

Bedfordshire - The Devil's Jump 15:55

Buckinghamshire - Dog Walk #5 16:40

Northamptonshire - Long Arm of the Nene 17:40

Leicestershire - Niether On The Hill...19:05


Brian (Deego)


UK Records page

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Ahhh!!! Thanks for all the nice comments!! In answers to your comments. No we don't have shares in Shell - it was all Tesco Petrol!! It could have been a longer day!! We cut it short due to the severe weather warnings and the thunder and lightning and the downpour of rain. Rutland is a county - granted it is very small but the UK's smallest and a lovely cache in it!!

Now a lot of lay-ins to catch up with the sleep!! :huh:

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Am I right in saying Rutland did stop being a county (in 1973?) but got it's county status back a few years ago? It's always been one of those places that I've wanted to visit on the basis of the name alone. Like Muck off the west coast of Scotland.



I've been to Muck.... and Eigg.....


... and Rhum :D. I was very young and didn't appreciate them properly I expect. Must make a return trip!

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I lived there for a short while as a kid, when it was part of Leicestershire, it has now been reinstated as a county in it's own right.

Rutland is in fact a Unitary Authority. The county boundaries don't mean much nowadays officially as only some of them survive as whole counties.


For example...


Oxfordshire remains as it has been since 1974.


Berkshire doesn't exist, it is now split into six UAs.


Cambridgeshire exists as a county but it has lost part to the UA of Peterborough.


This makes it difficult to say where anything (e.g. geocaches) are. Do you use pre-74 counties? Post-74 and pre-96/98 counties? Modern counties, UAs and Metropolitan Districts etc.?


In this case Rutland existed as a county until 1974 (historically as a detached part of Nottinghamshire) when it became part of Leicestershire. It became a UA in 1999.


See http://jonathan.rawle.org/hyperpedia/counties/history.php where it suggests using the ceremonial county boundaries as the basis (http://jonathan.rawle.org/hyperpedia/counties/map98.php) where Rutland does then exist as a separate region!!



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Blimey only just seen this!


I thought it beat our record of 6, until I took a closer look................


Nottinghamshire - Doesn't count. Doesn't have a decent football team.

Lincolnshire - Doesn't count. Too flat.

Rutland - Doesn't count. No longer a county.

Cambridgeshire - Doesn't count. Really part of Greater Essex.

Essex - We'll give you this one.

Hertfordshire - Doesn't count. Too many Hornet caches- so too easy.

Bedfordshire - Doesn't count. Too small.

Buckinghamshire - Doesn't count. Because I said so.

Northamptonshire - Doesn't count. Too close to the M1.

Leicestershire - Doesn't count. Locals have funny accents and sleep in your airing cupboard if you let them.


So, I make that one county in one day. Not very impressive if you ask me.

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