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Ham Radio

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simplex: think walkietalkie. one person talks, while the other listens.


duplex: yes, two frequencies, but still, only one person talks at a time



unless you're talking full-duplex, then it's like a phone - you both talk when you want, but you probably won't have to deal with that much.

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Are there THAT many Hams geocaching at the same time, at the same location that we are going to talk to each other on the radio??


In my 13 finds so far (obviously a rookie still) I haven't heard or seen another human within a km or more.....


To me, one of the cool things about geocaching in the first place is rooting around in the woods and enjoying nature.


I leave my HT in the car.... :lol:

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I usually have an HT with me when I'm out on the trail for a couple of reasons:


- It'll pick up the NOAA Wx freqs.

- It will also recieve the AM & FM broadcast bands (in case there is a baseball game on I happen to be interested in).

- There are a lot of places I've hiked and cached that don't have cell phone coverage (even just a few miles from home) but I can still hit a 2m repeater.


Also, check out the amateur radio Wilderness Protocol.

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