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Geocaching On The Wb-11 News!

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wow, that's kinda cool... we had an article run in the local paper a couple weeks ago about caching. to be honest, the article didnt do us cachers justice. but hey... at least they spelled most of the words in it right! :smile:


but whats also kinda weird... i get the wb11, which is based in nyc... and i live right close to lake erie, an eight hour drive from nyc... how does that happen?

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The first morning I woke up in Bennington I put the tv on to see what was going on in the world and somehow heard SUBWAY PROBLEMS for NYC. We also had NYC WB for the longest time.


Of course not anymore, which means I don't get to watch it tonight!



Don't worry Nancy, I'll be taping the show and putting it up on ligeocaching.com.. I'll let everyone know when it's up.

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You were great!!! No mistakes and you said all the right things. I loved StayFloopy on there too!!


If you have it online I'll show it to my kids - they'll really get a kick out of it.



TY. Yeah Floopy was great. 3000 this year. How about 3000 this month!

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The FTF prize is an autographed photo of Lolita Lopez


That's worth the drive alone! (hope she doesn't read the forums!) <_<


Great piece, they were able to simplify geocaching down to a couple of statements! Log on, type in your zip code... get out your GPS and start hunting...!!!


Nah, none of you looked like Geeks! :huh: No really you didn't. :P

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Nice piece. Hey, are we allowed to choke the person who said caches are buried?

Just to defend Shamu a bit. She's a very nice person and has been caching for a while. I'm sure she was just nervous talking to the camera. I should have made a list of words and phrases for them to watchout for when editing the piece.


And no, you can't strangle me.

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