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Micro Or Traditional?


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A couple days ago I hid a new cache and I listed it as a micro but now wondering if that was the proper choice. What would you call it? It's about 3"x4" and I did include a picture of it on the cache page so people would know they're looking for something bigger than a generic micro that only holds a log.



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I used an identical container and called it a micro. When deciding, I use the logbook test. If it can fit the standard 3x5 spiral bound notepad, I call it a regular cache. If it I have to cut it to fit, then its a micro.


BTW, my cache container lasted barely 2 months before the hinge on the back shattered. Hope you have better luck with the container than I did. Also, that latch has a propensity to come undone, so an elastic band around it is a good idea.

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What is the normal size of micros in your area? If most are film canisters or smaller, I would call yours a traditional but would state on the page that it is smaller than most traditional caches. If there are alot of decon containers and such listed as micros in your area, I would stick with micro and state that there is room for small trade items. Overall, I don't think there is a right or wrong because it is not clear cut. Mostly you just might want to use the cache description to describe its size better. Then people will know that small items might fit in it etc.

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