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I use three methods, one is crop until the file size is small, use Photoshop Elements or similiar and save for Web which maximizes the compression for your JPEG pic. You can even play with the compression ratio. Lastly if you are using a digital camera take your pics using a lower resolution. My camera takes a 3mg. quality picture automatically. I've changed the setting to Medium quality and get smaller file sizes.

Also, I'd search CNET or ZDNET for a free or shareware download that will maximize your JPEG compression. There are probably dozens available at little or no cost.


Hope this helps. I'm no expert. Maybe an expert will chime in.

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I would also try to check out tucows.com they have many good applications and a rating system for whatever you may be looking for.


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Hey Smeatloaf,


It was good meeting you and your family on the trail a couple weeks back. You guys look to be on a caching rampage as of late.

Anyway there is a website that will also reduce the size of you pics (I haven't tried it, I use photoshop, or ACDSEE)but I hear it's ok. Here's the link.


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