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Newbie Need Help Locating Pe0297

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I live on the point where PE0297 is supposed to be and use ExpertGPS as my mapping program and waypoint manager. If you know of a better program please let me know. Anyway on wiht my problem


The geocache says the station is alsmost in front of CGStation. N44 15.567 W068 18.767 The physical description say approx 200 yards north. My home is approx 637ft north (using map program and a bearing of 0degrees) I have also walked it using compass. My home is a two story house. There are also 2 other homes NNW and NW of me right on the water and approx 200 yards magnetic N of CG station. The intersection of Clarmont and Clark point Road is approx 120 yards bearing 262 from the SE corner of my home.

Home coord from SE corner are N44 16.636 W068 18.824. Home is show on digital topos and printed topos. The homes on water are also shown.


My gut says throw the Data sheet's GPS location out , wonder about the 33ft north of Claremont and Clark and start wiht the homes on the water. after all it is a tidal station.


I am going to be working on this later this afternoon and tomorrow if need be. Some specific questions


How does one use the scaled and adjusted values. I just put in what I thought were the adjusted coord and it places the tidal station in the middle of the harbor east of the CG station.


On Data sheet is North True north or Magnetic and how do you account for mag variations shifts.


What bearings does one use for NNW NW NE SSW SW SE. I have usually used a 45degree rule.


Thank you in advance for helping a bench marking Newbie

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The directions given are to the nearest 1/4 quadrant


NNW is 1/2 of 45° +- or about N 22° 30' W

WNW is 1/2 of 45° +- or about N 77° 30' W

NW is N 45° W +- (or 1/2 of 90° quadrant between N and W

and so on..


Data sheets do not magnetic bearings. USGS maps will show the magnetic declination for your area but since the diections on the datasheet are approx, that should have any bearing on the search.


You are dealing with a scaled position. The GPS will get you close but you have to use the desritpion of find it since its not in plain. You could be up to 1 second or more off with the scaled positions.


In other words to make it easier;

Only use GPS to get to the ball park, use the description to find your seat.

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The topo map shows a benchmark NNW of the location of this one. It is possible that the coordinates are that far off. The coordinates place the mark at Town Wharf Way but the topo shows a BM where the description indicates, at Clairemont and Clark Point Rds. Use that part of the description as a start and see if anything else remains. From the aerial photograph there appears to be a house and some trees in the area the description indicates the mark is located. You may have to do some measuring, but I think if the driveway is still there you can pace off and find the rock outcrop in the yard.



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