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Need Help Wiht Disk Identification

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I found a Brase disk that looks very similar to NGS in size. It was drilled and inserted into granite slab. Slab was part of a small bridge in Acadia NAtional Park

garden. Asked park ranger they did not have a clue. The only marks on the disk were the rasied letters BM. Does anyone know if this could be a BM. I have a picture but im new to this a cannot see any way to download it from here into the postings

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Lost -


There are tons of benchmarks, survey marks, property corners, right-of-way markers, etc etc etc etc etc that are out there but that are not in the NGS or Geocaching database. In the past 18 months, I have found 57 such "no-PID" marks - all disks from various agencies.


When I come across a disk that I didn't expect to see, I make a note of all the information stamped on it and I get as good a fix as possible with my handheld. Then, I search both the Geocaching and NGS databases to see if the disk I found is in either/both databases. In the NGS database, I do a radial search based on the coordinates I recorded and I do a search by "designation" using the stamped data I got off the disk. I do a similar search in the Geocaching database using the search by coordinates function.


I've done this 58 times and have come up with one disk that was in the NGS and Geocaching databases. The other 57 weren't. The one "counter" that I found is more disturbing than the 57 no-PIDs - "How could I have missed this one in my search planning?"


I append my no-PIDs to the nearest mark with a PID. See KV5847 to see my technique for doing this.





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My former state agency has 100's if not 1,000 of survey disks out there that are not in any database and most likely never will be. That was not our job, we were building roads, not databases. We had few people and a lot of surveys to do. We set the marks for our planning use, the contractors surveys, after construction QA and to monument our work for us in the future.


You will find that to be true for 95% of those marks that you can't find data for.

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