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On the topic - are the 60CS and 76CS effectively the same unit, with the 76 having more memory and marine maps?  I'm thinking of getting a dedicated unit (I use a CF card on a PocketPC) and am having a heck of a time deciding which way to go.


Also, what store do you recommend purchasing from?  Where do all the *cool* kids shop  :grin:

Except for map storage and the cool size of the 60cs they appear to be the same ( I have a 70c not a 70cs ).


The 60cs has a cool altimeter which the 70c does not have ( the 70cs may have it ).


One thing that I've found is the the buttons are easier to use on the 70c which turned out to be a surprise to me. I thoiught that my hand would be covering the screen using the buttons on the 70c but that's not been the case. On the 60cs I find myself using both hands more where I almost always could use one had with the 70c but that may just be an experience thing.


The reason that I originally bought the 70c is map storage. I have City Select maps of Alberta, S. BC, and most of S. California on my 790c. Additionally, I have some TOPO Canada maps of Southern Alberta and BC. On the 60cs there's not enough storage for all those maps.


When I had to send my 70c in for some warranty work, I rationalized that I only need maps on my GPSr for the area that I am currently in, I can always re-load when I need maps of S. California, etc.. So with City Select maps of Alberta and some TOPO Canada maps of Calgary and area, they fit easily on the 60cs. It's a reasonable compromise.


If you want to be able to see both units as well as use them before you buy then GPS Central is the place to go. They're on 9th avenue S.E. just on the way to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. They also have lots of geocaching goodies in stock, see their website : http://www.gpscentral.ca


Hope that helps.

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My favorite feature that the 60C/CS has is the averaging feature. Allows you to sit at a cache site, and get a progressively better accuracy on your position while it takes a reading every second and averages them together. I assume the 70 series has the same feature, but it sure is cool. For me the map storage of the 60CS is more than enough. A street level map of Calgary is only about 1.5MB.

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