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Vote For My Jeep 4x4 Photo/essay!


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Two questions...


In the rules it mentions digitally altering photos is not allowed. So why are people adding text to their photos and putting Jeeps on the moon?


Also in the rules it says that photos need to be unique and not be a concept previously submitted. Okay, why are there SO many photos with Jeeps on rocks or Jeeps with other Jeeps then?


Just curious.

I agree. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of originality in these pictures. Granted, there are some pictures that at some point hadn't been taken before, but then dupicates show up and it's not quite as neat.


Wouldn't it be better to have a pre-screener to see if the pictures at least follow the rules before allowing them to be voted on?

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I noticed a post and also another reply agreeing with this:

Two questions...


In the rules it mentions digitally altering photos is not allowed. So why are people adding text to their photos and putting Jeeps on the moon?


Also in the rules it says that photos need to be unique and not be a concept previously submitted. Okay, why are there SO many photos with Jeeps on rocks or Jeeps with other Jeeps then?


Just curious.


I think it's because most people did not see that in the rules about digitally editing photos. Do you mean this part (copied and pasted from official contest rules):

Entries generated by script, macro or other automated means are void.
because that is the only thing I can find in the rules about that. I myself (don't know about the other people) thought that entries generated "by script or macro or other automated means" meant basically, well... automated means. For example, that you couldn't use a program that created the photo for you with you telling the computer what you needed (not that we all can even afford such a thing), you had to create it yourself but could use adobe photoshop or microsoft picture-it, just no programs that did it FOR you instead of you using the programs to create some kind of picture/photo. Something that required you to sit there for days cropping, drawing, cutting, painting, etc... and making your own photograph that's unique, has to do with GeoCaching and Jeep I thought was ok and what they wanted. I guess I am mistaken which is very upsetting but please let me know anyone and everyone, what part of the rules say about not digitally editing photographs or link me to the page if possible. I read both official rules pages, quick and long version, I only found that one line I put above and it really doesn't explain very well, that line should be explained much better because obviously the majority of entrees were digitally edited and nobody would have done that if it was clear they couldn't. Anyone's help would be appreciated in the answer to this, is Jeremy on here too? I think Jeremy works for this company or something like that so maybe he knows?
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The rules appear to have been altered from when initially posted in May (which is within sponsors right and does occur). I suspect this because this portion reads much differently now than then... You can enter via method #1 or method #2 or via both, however limit one (1) Photo entry and/or Essay entry per person/email address per Contest Entry Period. < -- they didn't read this way when originally posted. They read one nomination per period rather than entry.


Now I wish I had printed a copy in May.


So the only other support about digitally enhancing photos would be that we were also verbally told at a GGA meeting in May before the travel bug portion began that photos could not be "photoshopped". They had to be real photos taken with a camera. My only explaination is that maybe the promoters changed their minds once people started entering photos with text on them or whatever. Regardless, I would guess you're ok and I am sorry for needlessly upsetting you, BabyFox.


Only other rules snippit pertaining to my original questions is You may enter each Contest Entry Period, but each entry must be original and different from any entries submitted in prior Contest Entry Periods. There are a lot of the same type pix being submitted, that's for sure.

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I read your other post and another from a person before you and also this one. Now I think I understand much better. Also I didn't of course know the rules were re-written since May.

Yes, I thought that the automated means comment in the rules referred to the contest sweepstakes to win a real Jeep that you enter by submitting a quick form each day. Apparently that's what other's are saying it refers to as well. The rules I think are a bit confusing, making people interpret them different ways.


I wasn't upset about this, no worries...lol. I just wanted to know so that if I did it wrong by using Picture-It to make my photo then for the next contest period for the Jeep gear I can make sure I do it right, that's the only reason I asked. It's not a matter of winning $40 in gear, I just wanted to see how far I can get my photo or essay (i'm sure most are in for that reason too...lol).


Anyway what you said about people entering the same photos again and so many looking alike too, I totally agree and noticed that as well. THAT is clearly in the rules how you can't enter the same photo again, they need to be original, etc... yes what you wrote about that I agree with and also someone said that any photo edited or created with Photoshop will probably not make it far in the contest. He/she is probably right. I will do a natural photo next time, just have to figure out an idea.


Anyway thanks so much for the answers and the time you spent dealing with the questions I posted and the replies to your posts. I appreciate it. Us geocachers gotta stick together! LOL. Take care. ~ BabyFox

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I'll admit, I think my story was a pretty good one. I had chronicalled the adventure this newbie cacher went through to capture "the prize", it was quite an evening... or two. Storms... Flash Floods... and a creekside cache.


Read and or Vote here <link to commercial photography site removed by moderator>


The original story was 3 times too large though. Let me know if anyone is interesested in reading the entire literary work prior to my major hacking, let me know and I'll post it on my caching blog.

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To All:

I haven't yet nominated/voted on an essay nor have I read more than about 10 of them so far. If anyone wants to advertise for their essay to be viewed and nominated, do it now and I'll be happy to take a look, I really want to choose one (I chose a photo already) but most essays are just very plain. I'd love to hear anyone's reasons that they think their essay is very good and worth reading plus this game I think is a lot of fun to be quite honest. I'll keep checking back here for replies.


I will "push" mine to be viewed as to use as an example and also to beg for it to be viewed...LOL. My essay after you get over halfway through has a nice (little) surprise twist to it, it's also 100% fact and the comment that I make at the end as the last line.. I intend to live up to which actually concerns the sweepstakes, not this TB contest, you'll see what I mean. Want to read a genuine essay from the heart? Here you go: Click Here to read my essay and Nominate if you like it

Ok and my photo has me and my fiance in it actually, I'm hoping that the simple message in it comes across right away and clearly as soon as geocachers view it, it's named "Level 5 Terrain?" by "BabyFox" and if it's one thing it's definitely original, there were no photos like this one in the previous entry period and when I created and sumitted this of course I couldn't see my competition but I'd say it's still very unique, took a lot of work believe it or not, I'm the female on the left. Click here to view the LEVEL 5 TERRAIN? Contest Photo and even vote!

Whew! nuff advertising...lol, let me hear your pleas for your essays to get my nomination vote if you like, it's all in fun and I enjoy reading them. Take care fellow GeoCachers! :D


Undecided Geocacher with 1 essay vote to use (lol) :D

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