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Vote For My Jeep 4x4 Photo/essay!


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For the next two weeks, you can vote for your favorite photo or essay in the Jeep 4x4 Cache-In Travel Bug contest. Here you are welcome to advertise your own photo or essay so others can vote on it.


Keep in mind you only have one vote per photo or essay. However, you can continue to change your vote to another photo if it suits your fancy. Occasionally I'll post a report on the top votes.


Have fun!

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If I knew how to upload my pic and essay i would;but mine is titled jeeps are for kicks submitted on 7.22.04 with a soccer ball. This is on page 8 of photos & the essay was also submitted on 7.22.04. Titled the Top 10 Reasons to find a YJTB. The essay appears on page 2. If any one knows how to link to them I would be more than appreciative. Shamelessly I ask for you to cast your votes for mine. Of course the posting on them is chstress53 Thanks :(

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I'm kinda partial to mine.

I think you went over the word limit by 400 some odd words.



Here is my photo: We3Dements photo for jeep #1147



Do I have to?

Car, Car, Car! Vroom! Vroom! Those eyes just say, *Do I have to?*

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I just voted for my favorite photo. The essay vote will take longer. I think I'll have to read a handful a day!


I had fun looking through the photos though and look forward to reading the essays.  :o

Make sure you go read mine Carleen. http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...0d-fffa4291e9bc . I'm sure it's the one you'll want to vote for it :o . Dang, I knew I should have gave you more dirty golf balls at GeoWoodstock II :o

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I'm quite partial to my picture, though it isn't the one that I really wanted to enter, but my scanner is broken, so I had to find one that I took with our digital camera.




I'm also fairly proud of my essay. I just wish they could be longer, it was hard to cram all that I wanted to say into 300 words. It would have been easier to write a 3000 word essay.


My Essay

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;)  Here's ours!


image removed


Nominate here if you feel so inclined.  :huh:


There's so many great entries - good luck to all who entered!

you can read the # in your picture.

So you can - I didn't notice that until now, and even then I had to really look to see it.


Well, nothing I can do about it now, it's been submitted and is posted. Thankfully no one has falsely logged it.


Edit: Actually I was going to post an edited version here, but for some reason there is no Edit button on my post above...this one has one, but the one with the pic does not.

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I got a verification email that my photo was submitted, but I don't see it in the listings. I kept waiting for it to turn up, but it never did. Yet, when I click on the link in my email, I can see the listing, including the 'nominate' link. My essay was accepted, and is posted, but not my photo. Here's the verification link. Am I blind?


Volunteering at the American Red cross

Well, my photo finally turned up in the listings on pg 16. But it's dated 1/1/04! I submitted it on 7/7/04. How bizarre. Looks like this TB game has a few bugs of another color. Here it is:


Volunteering at the American Red Cross

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I'm kinda partial to mine.

My wife and I spent hours editing Our story down to 300 words. Had we known we could write a book about our adventure we would have. :huh:


"Method 2) Complete the official online entry form and submit it, along with an essay of 300 words or less describing your Geocaching experience finding or planting the Jeep 4x4 Travel Bug (the “Essay entry”). Essays over 300 words will be disqualified. "

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We thought this one was neat, so we submitted it. Probably not a winner but we like it.

Our Photo



Check out this Squirrely Jeep Collector !

Tonight, on our way out to find one of the elusive Yellow Jeep Travel Bugs, we discovered this guy nearby the cache. No wonder we've had so much trouble finding one in our area. He's been gathering them all up!


Not sure how this will turn out on post but here goes. ;)


How do you post a pic directly on these posts anyway ???

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For the next two weeks, you can vote for your favorite photo or essay in the Jeep 4x4 Cache-In Travel Bug contest.

When does the the 2 weeks actually end?


Here is the page containing my entry. Anyone like it enough to vote for it? :rolleyes:

From Rails to Trails



Here is just another Jeep-loving town in the USA, using Chrysler-engineered, genuine Mopar parts and accessories. Firmly coupled to its boxcar full of genuine Mopar items for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler, this C&O railcar carrier full of YJTBs is ready to roll out of the Reading Railroad freight yard. Final destination? The rugged roads of The Pocono Mountains. Happy (t)rails, little guys!

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Please everyone check out my photo for the contest, I worked days on it and just want to know if anyone thinks it's at least in the top best 20% or so of what you've seen from others? The girl is me and the guy is my boyfriend in the photo too. It can't be voted on yet, it was entered along with my essay in August so I guess it will get officially posted with a nominate button in a few weeks? I really don't know but Here it is: Terrain Level 5 ?? Any replies would be appreciated but please no negative ones, if you think it's bad just don't say anything...lol I'll get my feelings hurt probably. Thanks everyone :P ~ BabyFox


P.S. My essay: My JEEP Essay is totally 100% true, a little sad but true too...lol and what I say at the very end, I absolutely mean it. It's not even so much a matter of WANTING the Jeep but it's a combination of that and NEEDING a vehicle and a reliable one at that, Jeep is the way to go so we would never have to worry about being stranded again or having our current vehicle broken down again with no money to get it professionally fixed. Now my essay will make more sense to all who read this. Thanks again.

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Mtn Man, was that your submission? Cause I almost voted for it... made the short list <_<


I ended up nominating "Peas in a Pod" for photo and the essay submitted by RedHotMama.


Question: Now that the nominations are over, do we know what photos and essays at least went to the judging committee?

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I would like to know....


When are the pictures going to be changed???


The time for voting on the 1st. contest is long past & I would like to start looking at the "NEW" pictures for the #2 contest.


It won't be long now till the Aug. 31st date will be here...the end of the time to enter, & we have not been able to see any newer pictures than 7/31/04!


It would be nice to know how many are being entered on this 'currant' contest. We cannot pull up the 'NEW' currant picture gallery!


I do not know if I should enter my picture into contest #2 or wait for contest #3 to enter to be sure it is going to show up for others to see.


Has anyone else been able to see any "NEW" (8/01/04-08/??/04) yet?? Am I looking in the wrong place????


Any help to clear this up for me would be Greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




Just an edit to let every one know that the "NEW" pictures are up & running. I just posted my picture & it will be available to peruse within the next 48 hours! So, on September 1st. remember to look & vote for mine! :o

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Glad to See the New Contest photos for August are now up. :lol:


Now all we have to do is wait until Sep 1st to start voting. :unsure:


Hey why don't you vote for ours if you like it. :lol:


Here it is ...



CA$H IN...CACHE ON...With Geocaching.com & JEEP!

Win Great Prizes and Find Cool Stuff while enjoying adventures of the Great Outdoors. Come see what Geocaching.com and JEEP have teamed up to offer. Go to http://jeep.geocaching.com for details. You'll be glad you did!


We showed you ours ... Now lets see yours.

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Two questions...


In the rules it mentions digitally altering photos is not allowed. So why are people adding text to their photos and putting Jeeps on the moon?


Also in the rules it says that photos need to be unique and not be a concept previously submitted. Okay, why are there SO many photos with Jeeps on rocks or Jeeps with other Jeeps then?


Just curious.

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