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Team Demp Reaches #300 At "go Take A Hike"


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Thanks everyone (and especially Quoddy for the kind words - you're a great caching partner yourself!) I'd recommend the Go take a hike cache for anyone that wants a work out. Just keep your eyes open to make sure you are following the trail. I had some other cache pages for straggler caches I still need to find nearby, but after that hike and the warm/humid weather, I called it a day. Lucky cooincidence that it was #300 - not planned and depending on where the final stage was, Roo 2 might have ended up being 300. I sure hope no one makes me need to go up that initial ascent again any time soon :(


Since geocaching has introduced me to hiking, and I enjoy the long hikes, I'm in the best physical condition I've been in since I got married and had kids (well my wife had the kids but you know what I mean).


A lot of good has come from geocaching...

  • Hiking and getting healthy
  • A great hobby the kids and I can do together (and the Mrs once in a while too)
  • Been to great places I never knew existed nor would I have previously had the desire to visit
  • Met a tremendous amount of great people
  • My wife got a landscaper to cut the lawn since I have better things to do on the weekends :D
  • I've gotten to buy new gadgets cause you can never have enough gadgets

Thanks again and hopefully I'll see most of you at the upcoming Baby Back Ribs event.


Keep on caching!


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