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Visiting And Recommendations for Sweden

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I'll be visiting Sweden in August and I'm looking for some recommendations of caches to find. I'll be in Stockholm and Visby and I'm going to attend the caching event in Stockholm while I'm there. If there are any cool caches in that area that you recommend, please let me know. I'm going to be dropping off a couple USA Travelbugs too and I'd love to pick some up to bring back with me.



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Sorry about putting Swe in the topic line. I thought that referred to Country the post was about, rather than language. I'm not sure how to change it now.

Not much damage done. :P You can't edit or change the topic, but a forum moderator can. So maybe one of them will do that for you, but like I said, it doesn't really matter.


I'll let the Swedes answer your original question. (On the other hand, there are probably bunch of Finns too with some Stockholm caching experience.)

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Okay, shall the mods perhaps return to topic? :P


Stockholm, Stockholm... I saw that you are a premium member? Do you have a PDA? Request a PQ.


There is a couple of hundred caches in Stockholm area (we are not from Stockholm but will be there at the same time for vacation!)´.


But the most Sweds do not visit these forums, according to my opinion.

So I can instead give you a couple of names of some experienced Stockholm cachers that you can contact thru Geocaching.com and ask them which caches they do recommend you to take.


Mumin & Snorkfröken






Here is three of them, try to contact them and perhaps they can help you.


/hedbergs from Goteborg on the westcoast of Sweden. But you will meet us at the event 11th of August! :anitongue:

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