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Hoosier National Forest


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I'm planning a trip to the Kentucky area and when I check the map I noticed that the Hoosier Nation Forest was only about 40 minutes from where I will be. I would like to camp here for the few days that I will be in the area. What I am wondering is where I can pitch my tent for free and what kind of caches are in the area. Of course, anything I should be aware of being in this area. I'm really not looking for park and grabs or micros in the woods. Long hikes and hard terrian are what I am looking for. Let me know, and thanks in advance!



Pittsburgh, PA

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I have no clue as to where you could pitch a tent for free, but at this State Forest the have a section called Stage Stop which has primitive camping which is fairly inexpensive. It is about less than an hour from Louisville to the forestry. I would have to say that the greatest park that I know of in Indiana is Wyandotte Woods State Forestry which is in Harrison/Crawford County. There are 26,000 acres in this park with 40 miles of hiking trails and 87 miles of horse trails. At the present time there are 40 caches located in this area. Today alone I found 13 caches in roughly 13 hours of hiking 17 miles in the park. This has got to be one if not the greatest areas for geocachers in the area. You can find more information about the park here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/forestry/index.html?...s/harcraw.htm&2. There are some micros in this park but there are a ton of great trail caches to do. There are quite a few caches in the Hoosier National Forest also but you have to realize that the forest runs through good portion of southern Indiana. Either way have a great time caching and good luck with the hunt.

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I believe that Hoosier is cloce to the knobstone trail.  50 miles of free camping and caching!

Now that is something up my alley. Do you have any more details? Thanks!

The KT starts at Deam Lake Recreation are just North of Louisville in Indiana. It is very rugged for most of it's 45 -52 miles. There are several caches along the way. Water is an issue except in wet weather. Don't count on finding much. Many hikers cache water at road crossings.


If you have time, a good TOPO is availble from Indiana DNR,Hoosier Trails Publications, 616 State Office Building, Indpls in 46204.



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