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Audio Files On Cache Pages?

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Older cache pages with audio files (or other non-image files) are grandfathered. For security reasons, it is no longer possible to upload anything other than image files directly to a cache page.


But by linking from another site, you get to the same result. I just listed a puzzle cache today where the coordinates are given in morse code using a looped file stored by the cache owner on his own website.

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I used an audio file when designing this puzzle cache (Channel Surfing), and yes, I had to link it from my personal webspace. It's necessary to listen to it to solve the puzzle.


I believe there was a time when you could embed sound files within cache pages so that they played automatically, but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed anymore. Good thing too... forcing a sound to play every time a webpage loads definitely annoys some people.


--Dave, The Cow Spots

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Would be annoying to have sound blast you at 2AM when trying to prepare the next days caching adventure. To include sound hints or sounds needed to find the cache will totally defeat the concept of paperless caching. Just Say No!


The KISS principle is srongly suggested. Just my opinion - of course.

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